When we talk about running a moving business, one role often does not get enough attention, and that is a dispatcher. Moving company dispatchers are coordinators who organize resources and ensure smooth customer service. Manual dispatching is a complicated process that consumes a lot of time. We want to show you how to handle dispatch with moving software.

We will go into detail and explain why you need moving software for this purpose. Let’s begin!

MoversTech job management dashboard
A huge benefit of moving software is allowing dispatchers to know the exact delivery time.

What are the main tasks of a moving dispatcher?

We mentioned that a moving dispatcher organizes resources during a relocation. That includes many tasks, such as:

  • Coordinate the movement of vehicles
  • Oversee and delegate the use of equipment
  • Schedule deliveries and pickups
  • Track real-time progress of moving operations
  • Communicate with movers

Manual dispatching may cause a lot of issues, especially during specific scenarios. For example, let’s say you have five movers at your disposal. Out of those five, only two can drive a moving truck. On top of that, one of the two specializes in moving art. However, you have five jobs during that day. It becomes quite easy to get lost in organizing resources in such complex situations. These are the usual signs your moving company needs a CRM or similar moving software to delegate tasks better.

CRM moving software helps with planning and scheduling

This is the basic task of every moving dispatcher. They must plan and schedule the dispatch according to the available resources and specified customer requirements. If you use moving software, allocating resources and performing other tasks will be easier, such as creating schedules for pickup or delivery and assigning drivers to specific routes.

Another huge benefit is that moving software allows you to optimize moving routes. This will reduce gasoline expenses, speed delivery, and improve customer satisfaction. Furthermore, CRM helps manage moving crews and increases productivity, especially if you have fewer resources. They will handle dispatch with moving software much easier.

Identify potential issues with real-time tracking

One of the many benefits of CRM software for movers is that it allows you to track the real-time progress of moving operations. That means your dispatcher will know exactly where the shipment is, how long till delivery, and all other important details. They will also be informed about traffic jams, vehicle malfunctions, or other problems.

This real-time tracking process allows them to identify potential issues and inform necessary parties to provide a quick solution. We all know that delays are the number one enemy of any organized planning, which is an excellent battle strategy. If your company reduces the delays, that will simultaneously boost efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

A mover holding moving boxes.
Moving software will significantly increase the efficiency of your employees.

Improve communication with drivers and customers

Without communication, it is not possible to plan and deliver any project. When it comes to the communication between a dispatcher and the movers, there must be an open and transparent line of communication at all times. Moving software will ensure smooth communication, whether to inform the movers of a change in the delivery date or address or ask for the shipment status. This also includes providing movers with the necessary documentation, day-to-day tasks, and more.

Furthermore, dispatchers may also use moving software to communicate with customers. They can notify them about the shipment status or let them know if there is a delay. Also, they can use scripted emails to verify all the details of the relocation with the customers and confirm there was no change in the moving date. MoversTech CRM covers all the job segments, ensuring quality work and exceptional customer service.

Data analysis

If there is one thing at which CRM moving software excels, that is collecting and analyzing data. All processes and information are stored in a single database. From there, generating reports, creating dashboards, and analyzing customer data to improve service is possible.

Additionally, user-friendly moving CRM software makes it easier for dispatchers and other employees to use. Ease of use is essential, primarily if you work with data and in a dynamic environment. The idea is to help employees do their job more efficiently. If the software is too complex, it will do the opposite and make them spend more time. It is important to be intuitive and straightforward.

How to help your dispatchers even more?

Using moving software is an excellent strategy to help your dispatchers. However, that is not the only thing you need to do. Ensure the software has all the documentation they need for doing their jobs properly.

A happy family during relocation.
Once you add moving software as a resource, it will help you to improve the quality of the service.

Help them learn the booking process, how to communicate with the customers to answer all questions, understand what day-to-day tasks movers have, get to know the equipment, and so on. They must have all of the necessary information within their hand’s reach.

Handle dispatch with moving software like a true professional!

All moving companies require simple, efficient, and intuitive moving software. We live in an era of advanced technology. If you do not go this path, your competitors will. The software simplifies and automates daily tasks, saves the company time and money, and ensures high-quality service. Help your dispatchers to handle dispatch with moving software like true professionals. In return, you will notice a substantial increase in productivity and efficiency. On top of that, you will reduce delivery delays and proactively prevent potential issues even before they happen. Your customers will receive quality service, and your business will generate more revenue and stand out among the competitors in the moving industry.

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