Excel spreadsheets vs. CRM software

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If you’ve just opened a small moving company, you’re probably relying on Excel spreadsheets to manage all the information. This can include everything from client information to your company’s finances and more. And the truth is that this is a very helpful tool. However, once your business starts to thrive, it will become increasingly difficult to manage everything using Excel spreadsheets. Therefore, it might be time to consider switching to a CMR for movers. Customer relationship management systems offer many great features that can make your life a lot easier. Not to mention that they will help keep your clients happy. So, it’s a win-win solution. But if you still have doubts, learn more about excel spreadsheets vs. CRM software from this guide.

What is CRM software?

Illustration of CRM software.
CMR software enables you to manage your business more effectively.

Since you’re probably familiar with Excel spreadsheets, it’s time to better understand CRM software. This tool is designed to help you manage your business more effectively. Specifically, you can keep all your client information in one place and provide access to your employees. This way, everyone will have access to it regardless of their location. Moreover, when someone makes changes to the data, everyone will have access to the updated information. As a result, you’ll be able to serve your clients better, make the sales process more effective, and increase productivity. Of course, you might want to consider hiring a CRM consultant until you get the hang of it.

Excel spreadsheets vs. CRM software

To better understand why CRM software is the best option, we’ll make a comparison analysis on Excel spreadsheets vs. CRM software. This will enable you to make a well-informed decision.

Strengths CMR software

Every tool has strengths and weaknesses, but in this case, the good outweighs the bad. More precisely, the main disadvantage of CMR software is that you have to pay for it. However, you’ll recover your investment soon enough due to its usefulness. Furthermore, you’ll need a bit of time to learn how to use it and then teach your employees how to use it. But this is a small price to pay for all the following advantages.

#1: It improves accessibility and collaboration

When it comes to Excel spreadsheets working as a team is hard. Things like sharing, working simultaneously on a document, and real-time updates are not a strong suit of this tool. Moreover, it’s not mobile-friendly, therefore, your employees cannot access it on the move. But CMR software solves all of these problems and more. It centralizes all your data and your team members can access it simultaneously, at any time, and from any device. All of this will increase productivity and help your business thrive.

#2: It helps you manage leads better

Leads management for moving companies is very important. But using Excel spreadsheets for this task can be daunting. You have to introduce the data manually in tiny cells and scroll up and down to see it. Thus, if you want to enhance user experience and efficiency, you should switch to CRM software. This tool is designed to improve lead management. Namely, it enables you to add a lot of information about the leads. For example, apart from names and addresses, you can also include details about your communications with them and the services they are interested in. Furthermore, your employees can even receive automated reminders for follow-ups.

#3: It enables automation

As we all know, time is money. Therefore, wasting time with manual activities that could be automated is bad for business. When it comes to Excel spreadsheets, most of the data must be entered manually. However, CMR software enables automation. For instance, if you’re using web forms on your website to generate leads, that data can be automatically entered into the CMR software.

Another great option is to use CMR with email automation. This entails creating generic emails that you can subsequently send to any customer by pressing a single button. For example, whenever you get a new client, it’s nice to send a welcome email. But writing one every time you get a new client is very time-consuming. Thus, automation can increase efficiency and improve customer experience.

#4: Integration is one of the best features

Icons for MS Office tools.
One of the major downsides of Excel spreadsheets is that they only work well with other Microsoft Office tools.

When you’re running a business you need multiple tools for various activities. Thus, you have to constantly transfer information from one tool to another. Unfortunately, Excel spreadsheets only work well with other Microsoft Office tools, which is not very helpful. However, CMR software is designed to integrate with common business applications. This means that you don’t have o reenter all the information manually and waste precious time.

#5: It helps you protect your data

Keeping business data secure should be your top priority. As a moving company, you have access to a lot of sensitive client information. So, you risk getting sued if unauthorized people access that information. This is a major concern with Excel spreadsheets because they can be easily shared and downloaded. Once this happens, you have no control over how that information will be used.

Image of a keylock in front of a person typing on a keyboard.
Think about data security when considering Excel spreadsheets vs. CMR software.

CMR software will help you protect all that sensitive data. Every user has to log in using an email and a password. The moment an employee leaves the company you can deactivate their CMR account. Furthermore, you can even set up security permissions. This way, only certain employees will have access to specific data.

Strengths of Excel spreadsheets

Don’t get the wrong idea. We’re not trying to convince you that Excel spreadsheets are useless. Some of their strengths include the fact that they are very easy to use, accessible, and work well for small databases. Nevertheless, they have some major weaknesses. For instance, your actions are limited by the small number of available features. Furthermore, the information is not well protected. You can lose it or employees can download it on personal devices and share it. This leads to a breach of confidentiality that can ruin your company’s reputation.

In conclusion

These tools are beneficial as you’ve seen from this analysis of Excel spreadsheets vs. CMR software. But efficiency and productivity are essential for any successful business. Therefore, you should always opt for a solution that promotes these things. That’s why we strongly advise you to consider CMR software. It has a lot of useful features that help you save time and manage your business better.

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