As the moving season commences, moving companies often face a significant surge in client demand. To avoid two common pitfalls – being unable to accommodate all clients due to scheduling constraints, and providing subpar service due to disorganization – it’s crucial to adequately prepare for the busy season. As moving industry experts, we recommend implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for your moving business. This versatile tool can greatly enhance organizational efficiency and streamline various processes, ultimately ensuring you can deliver exceptional service to all your customers during peak moving season.

Set up your CRM system

To efficiently use your CRM system, means you have to properly set it up first. CRM is equipped with an array of valuable features. However, not all will apply to your business. Make sure to only configure features that will benefit your business process.

Predefined templates for various elements and stages of the moving process can be integrated, empowering your team to perform tasks more effectively. A key reason why many moving companies are transitioning to paperless operations and digital record-keeping is to streamline their workflow and optimize efficiency. There is a reason why moving companies go paperless and switch to digital record keeping and that is elevating the productivity and effectiveness of your moving business.

A person loading moving boxes to the moving truck.
CRM will help you to prepare for a busy moving season by organizing the packing process.

Another thing you want to think about is to properly link your CRM system with the website and marketing channels. Once everything is connected, you will start collecting relevant data that will help you provide a better service. However, since every CRM is different, you want to use one specifically tailored to a moving company’s needs.

Automate follow-up processes

A huge issue during the moving season is that you cannot maintain communication with your customers and follow up in a timely manner after the relocation. This is usually due to the high number of customers. That follow-up is important because it will tell you what service was like, and if they enjoyed the relocation process or not.

A CRM system can help you to fix that issue. You can automate the follow-up process after the relocation to send personalized emails and messages. It is crucial to get customer feedback on time and use it to improve the service. Do not forget to include specialized offers and discounts on their next relocation.

Use CRM to assign jobs

Once the moving season starts, everything will seem a little hectic. You have a lot of clients waiting for service, and it often happens that you do not have enough resources. Your moving crew could be overbooked for weeks, and any new jobs are out of the question. However, a CRM system has an efficient solution for this problem. You can use it to prepare for a busy moving season and automatically assign jobs and available resources to each job.

Specify how many vehicles and movers you have. Then, add all moving dates to the calendar, and assign jobs as customers book moving dates. If you have a scheduler on your website, you can link it to only show available dates. That way, you are sure all of the assignments will be done on time, and there is no chance of booking several relocations you cannot keep up with.

Two people moving boxes.
Automation process with CRM will improve your moving processes.

This automatic scheduler will also assign the most qualified people for the job. Sometimes a customer needs someone to drive the truck, and not all employees know how to drive. Also, some may specialize in furniture disassembly, while others are proficient in specialized moving services, like piano relocation.  Remember that this is an excellent way to introduce moving CRM into your company because it will solve some of the most common organizational issues.

Track processes in real-time

When it comes to staying organized during a busy moving season, it is important to track the progress of all relocations. CRM allows you to do this in real-time. This powerful feature will quickly notify you if a problem or delay requires immediate attention. Besides improving internal communication, this real-time tracking will also make it possible to inform customers about potential delays. If there is a problem, the least you can do about it is let your clients know.

Optimize routes to keep up with the deadlines

There is nothing worse than a traffic jam during a busy moving season. Your dispatchers have a huge responsibility, and that is to guide the moving crew so they can deliver quality service and meet customer expectations. If you learn how to handle dispatching with CRM, you will help them to do their jobs more efficiently. For example, a moving crew on the job can report a traffic jam during a specific time. CRM will collect the data and analyze it for you. You know the fastest routes, so you can efficiently organize moving schedules.

Furthermore, if you have all the moving locations in front of you, you can arrange them in a specific order. That way, the crew can quickly move from one location to another without wasting too much time.

Happy family during relocation.
Optimizing moving routes will improve customer experience.

Real-time communication between dispatchers and the moving crew is crucial here. As long as they maintain an open line of communication, they will be able to organize efficiently. Ultimately, it all revolves around serving customers and providing quality service.

Prepare for a busy moving season on time!

Undoubtedly, the amount of work will go up as the peak of the moving season comes closer. However, MoversTech CRM for moving companies will help you to prepare for a busy moving season on time and ensure quality service. Use this fantastic technology to organize your relocations and show your customers they made the right call when they decided to put their trust in your hands!

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