It is by no means a secret that moving companies ought to rely on email marketing. Email is a terrific way to find new customers and engage old ones regarding cost and effectiveness. But, to make the most out of your emails, you must segment your audience. In this article, we will go over a couple of email marketing segmentation tactics. With luck, these should help you engage your audience more meaningfully.

Segmentation 101

For those of you that are relatively new to online marketing, our MoversTech CRM software experts give a brief explanation of what segmentation is. However, if you already understand this marketing concept, you should feel free to skip this paragraph and go straight to tactics.

Namely, segmentation means you segment (group up, separate) your audience according to some critical factor. This is done to engage different audience members in more meaningful ways. For example, the more your audience members feel you’ve written your email exclusively for them, the more likely they will respond. Meanwhile, generic marketing emails will most likely end in the spam folder.

A mailbox that says no junk mail, representing one of the reasons why you need to use email marketing segmentation.
You’d be surprised at how easy it is for emails to end up as junk mail.

While there are countless ways in which you can segment your audience, it is essential to outline the ones that make a difference. For example, you can separate your audience according to eye color or food preference. But doing so won’t affect what email you send to them. Instead, you need to outline an essential factor determining the type of email suitable for an individual customer.

Different tactics for email marketing segmentation

A general rule of thumb is that the more you segment your audience, the more effective your emails will be. This is why proper segmentation is an extensive CRM email marketing for moving companies. If you wish, you can choose to use all of the following tactics. But before you do, we advise you to ensure that the ones you use are as effective as possible. It is much better to properly segment your audience according to one factor than do a poor job with multiple elements.

Segment by geographical location

The first way you can segment your audience is according to geographical location. Doing so will be essential if you run a moving company that covers a large area. Firstly, you can gain your customer’s attention by mentioning their place. And you will be able to use CRM email tracking for movers and see how well your emails perform. However, while emails are effective, they shouldn’t be the end-all of your marketing. In certain instances, you’d be better off exploring other marketing options than relying solely on emails.

Prospects and customers

Another way to segment your audience is into prospects and customers. Prospects are potential customers who, with proper engagement, will hire your moving services. Customers have already worked with you and may want to work with you again. As you can imagine, these two groups need to get completely different emails. After all, engaging and re-engaging customers are two utterly other marketing efforts.

Two women preparing for a relocation.
Proper email marketing segmentation will make finding and re-engaging prior customers easy.

It would be best if you made your company feel capable and trustworthy regarding engagements. You need to find a way to make your brand stand out and gain interest from the prospect. When re-engaging, you need to remind your customers how well you serviced them and provide incentives for them to work with you again.

Segment by likely moving needs

It should be evident that not all your customers have the exact moving needs. Some require local moving, while others may need to tackle a complex international relocation. Some may wish to only transport their goods, while others will need you to pack and unpack their belongings. Therefore, the better you can outline their needs, the easier it will be to send a relevant email. The best way to summarize this is by tracking your customers’ blogs on your website. The blog’s subject should indicate the relocation a person is dealing with. And with a decent system, you can send a well-timed email that, from the customer’s perspective, somehow managed to address their precise need.

Creating effective emails

Before you start practicing the segmentation above, we advise you to research how to create suitable content for email marketing. Modern customers don’t have the attention span to read emails from random companies. Instead, you ought to utilize visual content, like web stories, videos, animations, photos, and images tend to be far more effective in capturing and maintaining users’ attention. So, do yourself a favor and invest a bit in modernizing your marketing content.

A group of old ladies reading an email.
You need to find the type and style of content that will address your target audience.

In the ideal marketing system, every customer receives personalized emails for their profile. In the email, you would address their needs, location, and whether or not they’ve worked with you. Unfortunately, combining all these factors in an effective email marketing segmentation strategy can be difficult. You need to rely heavily on CRM email integration for movers and collect robust customer data. And you need to constantly monitor your marketing efforts to see if your emails are hitting the mark. For this, we advise that you consult with more seasoned professionals and set clear parameters for your emails. Come to terms with the fact that you won’t create your email strategy in one go. But that you will develop and reinvent it according to the effectiveness of your segmentation.

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