There are many ways that loyalty programs help companies around the world. Otherwise, none of them would exist. Right. Therefore, you must be wondering: when and how can a loyalty program pay off? If you’re coming from the moving industry, you’re in luck. Today we’ll discuss the benefits of loyalty programs for moving companies (they have them, too). So sit back, relax, and read some valuable info!

Why are loyalty programs so important?

Before we jump to the main subject of this article, let’s provide some basic info on why loyalty programs are so important to companies. Here’s the thing: without customer loyalty, there wouldn’t be a company in this world that could survive a couple of years on the market. So besides attracting new people, a company needs to know how to nurture its loyal customers. The best thing about this is that it is all interwoven. Your past or current customers bring you new ones if they are satisfied with your service.

Studies have shown that one of the best ways to inspire your old customers to always return and hire your services (or buy your products) leads through various loyalty programs. If your moving company still hasn’t created a customer loyalty program, it might be the right time to develop one. Our own MoversTech CRM software experts line out the benefits of loyalty programs for moving companies and how you can benefit from introducing them.

A collection of letters merged to form TRUST.
Loyalty programs will help you build trust with your existing and future customers.

#1 Loyalty programs help you nurture relationships with existing customers

The essential thing that can be said about businesses, in general, is that providing their customers with personal attention and building a more meaningful connection with them is crucial for the company’s lifespan and overall success. We’ve got facts to back that up. Recent studies have shown that almost every consumer involved in the surveys confirmed that folks could distinguish between brands and companies based on how they interact with the mentioned subjects. And the way those subjects interact with them, of course.

Other studies have shown that more than 2/3 of US consumers see loyalty programs as a significant part of their relationship and interaction with a particular company. Offering your existing customers various special promotions or a simple thank-you gift will make them feel appreciated. They’ll more likely choose you to handle their next relocation rather than try their luck with another company. More than 80% of folks see gifts as a good enough reason to continue hiring your services in the future.  If that doesn’t convince you, we don’t have a clue what will.

#2 Loyalty programs help you battle your branch competitors

We’ll be quick here. You’ll want to see what your competitors are offering their customers and try to top whatever they’ve come up with. You need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. To provide something completely different. Also, the more value you add to your customer’s journey, the better you’ll keep your people close.

An Olympic stadium.
A quality loyalty program will help you top your competition.

#3 Loyalty programs for moving companies provide your customers with a feeling of belonging

The feeling of belonging to a group is one of the primary elements of our identity. Several books on social psychology would tell you the same. By becoming members of your moving company’s loyalty club, your customers will gain a feeling of exclusivity, a feeling of belonging to a particular club.

We suggest you opt for a so-called tiered loyalty system paired with moving leads software. Your best offers should go to your highest tier first. Therefore, your most loyal, premium customers will enjoy obtaining real value from your company’s loyalty program. Also, your lower-tier members will have additional reasons to hire your services again (moving up the tanks and all that jazz).

#4 Loyalty programs make communication easier

Here’s the thing: your moving company’s loyalty program will enable you a direct line to your customers. This makes communication a whole lot easier. Among other things, through your loyalty club:

  • You’ll be announcing new things your company’s offering.
  • You’ll promote sales. 
  • You’ll facilitate recalls when necessary. 

Let’s pay attention to that last one. Now, this might apply more to companies other than those dealing with relocations. However, moving companies also sell, for instance, packing goods. Anyway, the recall notice carries more weight and importance. That’s because it’s based on your customer’s purchase of the interest in question. Once you compare this recall to your company’s street sign or newspaper notice, the chance of it getting noticed and read by folks is high.

Speaking of communication, have you thought about using CRM email marketing for movers in your campaigns?

#5 Loyalty programs for moving companies boost brand awareness

In other words, they’ll make your brand more noticeable on the market. Your satisfied customers will become your best advertisement. They’ll become what folks call brand advocates. You can count on them to spread the word about your services.

For instance, they can create social media content related to your moving company. Or they can share their experiences with friends (word-of-mouth) and tell them how much they appreciate what you do. Together with employing CRM with email automation, loyalty programs will help you create a devoted following, and there’s nothing better than that.

An orange megaphone on an orange background.
Loyal customers raise brand awareness.

#6 Loyalty programs boost your revenue

That’s right; a solid loyalty program can quickly boost your revenue. Even though they’re not a moving company, North Face increased topline revenue by 1/3, all thanks to investments in giving their loyalty program a new image. That’s because they’ve made membership worth it for their loyal customers. Like theirs, your loyalty program has to go beyond the basics to make such an impact. Find a way to enrich your trusty customers’ lives.

Closing thoughts on the subject of loyalty programs for moving companies

A well-thought-out loyalty program will help you gain a devoted following, and you will start seeing firsthand the benefits of loyalty programs for moving companies. It certainly goes a long way, as they say. We’re sure you’ll have no trouble retaining existing and attracting new customers with an innovative loyalty program!


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