If you really want to make it big in the business game, you must have a sense of smell for useful information. Since you’re reading these words, we’re able to tell you’re already doing a good job. That’s mostly because we’ve gathered top CRM hacks and made an article out of them. Therefore, don’t go anywhere. Read a bit about the top CRM hack every (up-and-coming) entrepreneur should know!

#1 The proper segmentation of customer lists

Let’s see the first of the top CRM hacks for your business folks.

Here’s the thing: successful implementation of CRM is all about getting to know the various specific nuances of your customers. That’s because you want to communicate with them in a proper manner, by using that knowledge. The proper segmentation of customer lists is a must. It’s a crucial way to differentiate between sub-lists inside your CRM database. No more one-size-fits-all approach to customer communication. We’ll give you an example. Let’s say you’re running a fitness center. You’ll want to send women-related stuff (such as women-only exercise classes) only to your female members, right? You can do this by segmenting your customer list.

Customer segmentation.
You’ll have to segment your customer lists.

Also, here’s another one: you’ll want to come up with a list of all the folks that have made more than a single purchase during the previous year. Why? Well, just because of that they might signal they’re on their way to becoming your loyal customers. That way, you’ll be able to focus your efforts on individuals that matter. Individuals that will one day become your brand ambassadors. Just don’t expect they’ll play the role unless you use all the benefits of lead tracking software for moving companies (if you’re running a moving business).

#2 Feel free to customize your pipeline

That’s right, you’ll have to customize your pipeline in order to match your sales process in an exact manner. In other words, you don’t want to stick to default settings in your CRM. Here’s the thing: the more your pipeline resembles and matches your line of business the better the chance that folks will actually use it. And, as you’re well aware, if folks utilize the CRM in a proper manner, the data you’ll gain will be more precise. Your users/customers/however-you-want-to-call-them need to trust what they see. And that’s one of the top CRM hacks out there!

Since we’ve mentioned the line-of-business syntagm andĀ if you’re in the moving industry, here’s where to look for CRM for packers and movers.

#3 Pay close attention to the so-called at-risk accounts

Next stop: the so-called at-risk accounts. These accounts represent your customers who are at a greater risk of dropping your services than others. Anyway, you’ll have to do some good old research in order to find out what are churn risks in your line of business. If you’re coming from the moving industry, you’ll need to check out whether folks with or without families are likely to cancel a scheduled relocation, for instance.

You’ll want to utilize your CRM to figure out the demographics of folks who are more likely to turn down your services or products. Also, you’ll need to figure out why that’s so and how you can change it. Our suggestion is that you put great focus on those accounts. You might even want to assign tasks that have something to do with your at-risk clientele to a well-experienced sales rep.

#4 Robots to the rescue

AI inside a digital bubble.
AI can prove very beneficial for your business, especially when combined with a CRM.

If we’ve got the technology, why you should miss out on using it and taking advantage of all the benefits that come with it? For instance, did you know that VAs such as chatbots or voice-recognition devices boosted by AI can actually communicate with CRM systems in order to do some basic tasks such as setting up appointments or adding client data to files? We get it. It sounds a bit on the crazy futurist side. Not to mention that it probably sounds a bit unreliable. However, this is already being implemented and will most probably become a “household practice” in the upcoming years. Think about it.

#5 Make your forms mobile-friendly

The best thing about mobile CRM software is that it allows you to take very detailed notes during customer meetings. However, there’s a way you can make things even smoother. That’s right, you can do that by customizing your forms to work swiftly for mobile. For instance, you could use a tickbox instead of a text box wherever possible. Also, such a manner is way better if you want to capture some good old data without wasting so much time. Not to mention that open fields are not something mobile users adore. If you’re able to consider CRM email marketing for moving companies, you’ll also have to think about this.

#6 Browse before you create

Image of duplicate discs
Duplicate accounts are a no-no.

Here’s one of the top CRM hacks that somehow goes unnoticed most of the time. Or folks simply choose to ignore it, which isn’t a good thing at all. Duplicate data can sometimes be a genuine problem in a CRM as it will mess up your reports and inspire distrust in the data you acquire. To battle this, just make sure every single one of your employees handling CRM data searches for a contact before they make a new one. This is the simplest way to significantly decrease the risk of duplicate data appearance.

#7 Don’t neglect the visual nature of CRM

Do we have to emphasize that CRM software isn’t just dry data in spreadsheets and nothing else? Anyway, utilize CRM software to assist you in visualizing your sale process. There are apps out there that will help you visualize your sales pipeline. It will both you and your employees to see the real thing when it comes to the way your sales process is growing. It will allow you to, without much hassle, zoom in on any problematic points you’ll afterward have to prioritize.

#8 Don’t worry about data migration

Some entrepreneurs are worried that moving to a new CRM system might cause some issues. For instance, they think about the time that it will take for them to transfer their customer data from one CRM to another. However, that’s nothing to worry about. There are plenty of companies out there that will help with that without any hassle.

Closing thoughts

Okay, folks, so that’s about when it comes to top CRM hacks anyone looking to succeed should know of. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the ride and learned something new along the way. As you could’ve read, CRM software is crucial to the way you handle your customers and maintain relationships. Start implementing the tips we’ve shared above.

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