Having a well-designed, properly running website is every company manager’s dream. And while there are different ways to improve and build upon your website, there comes a time when this is simply not the case. Sometimes you need to revamp your website and built it from the ground up. And while this is not something people do easily, it is important to realize when the time is ripe. So, let’s explore the telltale signs that it’s time to redesign your website.

When is it time to redesign your website?

Depending on the severity, perhaps you could deal with one or two of the issues that we’re about to go over. But, if you recognize three or more as ongoing issues on your website, you really ought to invest in redesigning it. At some point, running a subpar website will cost you more money than it will bring. And redesigning it can be a cost-effective, if not the only option.

Lack of basic on-page SEO

The lack of decent on-page SEO is one of the clearest signs that it’s time to redesign your website.

For your website to be found by interested parties, it needs to come up in Google’s search results. This can only be done through careful use and management of website SEO. Tackle it properly, and your website will shine on Google’s first page. Fail at it, and you may never claw out of obscurity. If you haven’t managed your website SEO properly it might be best to redesign it and start from scratch.

Content is out of date

Having well-written content is paramount for a website to gain and maintain users’ attention. Poor content quality not only reflects on your bounce rate but also on your SEO. So if your content isn’t up to date, or is of poor quality, you might be in for a revamp. Quality over quantity is the dominant mindset both for modern marketing and SEO management. So, if you feel that your content doesn’t follow this idea, don’t shy away from revamping it.

Lack of mobile compatibility

A girl using a phone.
You need to have a mobile-friendly website if you are to compete in modern marketing.

No matter who your target audience is, there will be a decent percentage of them that view your website through mobile devices. Therefore, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you will need to do some work. Mobile-friendliness is a vital part of things like content promotion, seasonal offers and even CRM email marketing for moving companies. Therefore, if you fail at it, you are doing so to a huge detriment to your company.

Ideally, you will build your website with mobile compatibility in mind. Good web designers could, theoretically, make you a different version of your website exclusively for mobile. But, when it comes to data integration, you are much better off redesigning your website with mobile compatibility in mind.

Difficulty with navigation

Every company manager believes that their website is easy to navigate. After all, they took part in creating it. And if it is easy for them to navigate, it should also be for everyday customers. This, of course, is wrong. Namely, just because you find your website easy to navigate doesn’t mean that it actually is. To find out, you need to monitor the user’s journey on your website and see where they struggle. There could be some simple navigation oversights that are fairly easy to handle. But, you also might have built an unintuitive website that is difficult to navigate. In this instance, redesigning it is your best bet.

Dead links

Having dead links on your website is a poor practice to have for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, you make your website difficult to read and difficult to follow. Secondly, you make SEO management difficult, as Google will rate you down once it finds dead links. Finally, you make lead management difficult, as your leads won’t want to relate to dead links. Even top lead tracking software for moving companies won’t provide much help if you don’t have dead links rampant on your website. There are tools you can use to find and delete dead links. But, if you feel that there are too many, and they have been there for quite some time, you might be better off redesigning the whole website.

Poor CTA implementation

A bored woman looking at a laptop - time to redesign your website.
You’d be surprised at how many customers lose interest in a company simply due to poor CTA implementation.

Having good CTA implementation makes everything easier. Your customers can easily find the services that they need. You can easily recommend your services through blog posts and social media promotions. And you can easily connect your CTA to various aspects of your online presence. Unfortunately, not all websites succeed in proper CTA implementation.

If the journey between addressing the CTA, and contacting the company representative is too long, the customer might lose interest. And if the CTA is poorly described, the customer may not understand what the CTA is all about. So, before you use a moving company CRM to include CTA’s, make sure that they are well implemented.

Poor performance

Having a well-running website is paramount, no matter what your website is about. If you overburden it with content or poorly integrate it all, it can slowly start to lose performance. Fail to update a couple of plugins and you’ll soon see freezes and even crashes. If this happens, redesigning your website is a must.

Final thoughts

If you’ve recognized any of what we’ve mentioned so far, it might be time to redesign your website. For this, we strongly recommend that you consult with a professional and go through your new website with due care. Website design trends change. And what was popular when you first built your website might not be popular now. So, have a seasoned professional by your side during the redesign process.

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