Business technologies change at a rapid pace. Also, businesses are forced to change the ways they do business and adapt to the new requirements of their clients. One of the most useful software platforms for handling customer data is customer relationship management software. If your moving company is already using this system, here are all the warning signs that it’s time to switch CRM solutions and keep up with the demands on the market.

The old CRM cannot support new functionalities of your business

Any piece of business software is useful only if it helps your company’s business processes. As soon as you notice that it cannot support the functionalities your business needs, it is time for a change.

A person holding a board with drawings about innovation.
A CRM solution should help your business to improve and move forward.

Some of the features that are more advanced include:

  • a live chat option to communicate with clients in real-time;
  • VOIP service connected with CRM;
  • automation of customer-facing business processes with scripts;
  • interactive dashboards and web forms;
  • the ability to use digital signatures;

As a moving company trying to battle the competition on the market, you need a solution that will offer all of these options. However, have in mind that you first have to find a way to integrate these features into your business processes. Do not force anything, you want to make the change at the right moment. What you want is CRM software for movers that has the capability to offer more, once you need it.

You don’t have remote access to your CRM database

When your company starts to grow and expand, you will need more flexibility with how you use business software like CRM. Remote access is crucial because you need the ability to access the database from wherever you are. Furthermore, you need a CRM that supports the scalability of your business.

You want to be able to decrease or increase the number of CRM users and change your deployment mode quickly. A problem is when you lose productivity during this process. Furthermore, you want the ability to access CRM software from all devices. This is especially important when we talk about customer management software for moving companies. If there is a need to communicate with the customers at a specific time, you want software that will support the level of urgency.

You are having problems with the UI

The user interface is crucial for any piece of software. It has a huge impact on ease of use. If you are not satisfied with how your CRM looks, you should not look for another reason to change it. You will feel better if you are looking at software with nice and useful UI. Furthermore, this is not just about the looks, but about having CRM that is user-friendly.

Imagine working in lead tracking software for moving companies where you cannot make heads or tails about what’s what. This is one of the most important processes for any sales team, and you want software that will make it clear and concise.

There are too many complex features

The benefit of CRM is that it can automate and simplify sales processes. However, there are examples where the features you get are just too complex to use. Whether your business is just not large enough, or the features don’t make sense, you want to stay away from that.

A good CRM has straightforward, simple features that will make your job easier to do. Your sales teams need software to help them out, not to confuse them. Speak with your employees and ask what their opinion about your current CRM is. Ask if they have all the features they need and if they are spending too much time working with the complex features.

The worst-case scenario is that your sales agents might refuse to use CRM if it is too complex. If they spend too much time doing something they could do much faster, that will hurt your business also. Their primary concern is the client, not a piece of software. CRM is just a helping tool, and it should not waste their time.

The vendor does not provide any support

Another red flag for bad CRM software is the lack of support. The software requires updates and fixes all the time. Your employees will also have questions about how to use some features, solve problems they encountered, or find workarounds. That’s where customer support should assist. If you are not receiving any support from your CRM vendor, you need to change it ASAP.

An illustration of a hand coming out of a laptop and holding an error popup.
CRM support should be there 24/7 to help solve potential problems with software.

If the database breaks at one moment and you lose the connection to it, you could also lose all of your clients’ data. That’s a big problem for any company. Take care of it proactively by changing your CRM vendor.

The CRM you are using is too expensive

Companies often purchase a CRM solution for their business and get a starting plan. Or, they start with a trial and see if that will help their business. Once you start upgrading to more advanced features or increasing the number of users or customers, you will start to pay more money to the vendor.

A chart showing rising expenses, symbolizing time to switch CRM solutions.
If you notice that the current CRM costs your business too much money, it is time for a change.

Make sure that the payment plan for the CRM does not empty your company’s wallet. You need a solution you can afford. With that in mind, do the math yourself, and look for other CRM options that have better payment options.

A change is hard, but it is time to switch CRM solutions

When the time to switch CRM solutions comes, do not be afraid. Sure, it is a complex process, and migrating data is never fun, but it is something you just have to do. Just think about the future of your business, and what you are getting with a better CRM. We all move forward, both on our personal and professional levels. A change is a natural process of becoming better. We need to embrace it with open arms. As long as you create a migration plan, and take your time to do it right, you have nothing to worry about. Best of luck with finding the perfect CRM solution for your company!

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