If you plan on running a successful moving business, you need to find crafty ways to engage your audience. This entails organizing a long-term marketing campaign that will see your brand develop properly. It entails using the right customer management software for movers in order to properly manage customers. But, these aspects are commonly known, even among newcomers to the industry. What often gets little mention is using a quote calculator to help grow your company. And to showcase how effective a quote calculator can be, we will give you a couple of examples of its proper use.

Why using a quote calculator is effective

At first glance, it may seem that a relocation cost calculator is a fairly simple tool. You have a basic algorithm that calculates the estimated cost of a move. And you simply ask your customers to input destinations and the timing. And while the algorithm itself is fairly rudimentary, its use is anything but so. There are good reasons why every successful moving company showcases a quote calculator on their website. And why they often use it in promotional material.

People want to know the cost of their relocation

Whether or not they are going to move, people like to be aware of the cost. Short-distance, long-distance, and even international. When people read about relocations, they would prefer if they could have a rough estimate in mind.

This innate need for knowing the estimated cost of moving does two things. First, it keeps people on your website. Multiple studies have shown that the more time people spend on your website the more likely they are to convert into paying customers. Of course, the time spent isn’t the only factor. But it is an important one if you wish to take conversion rates with due care.

A person on a laptop using a quote calculator.
You should always try to keep visitors on your website for as long as possible.

Secondly, by giving customers valuable info, you help engrave your brand into their memory. While putting in the info and researching their move they should be aware that it is your company that is giving them the info. Again, the more time they spend engaging with your brand, the more likely they are to remember it when the time comes for relocating.

People are hesitant to talk with other people

You may have the nicest customer service agents, and the most wholesome standards when it comes to communicating with customers. But, at the end of the day, some customers simply don’t like talking via phone. For those customers, email correspondence and proper wording can do wonders. But, an important factor in making them interested in your brand is having an online quote to offer. If they have to give you a call in order to get a rough estimate, they are likely to consider other companies. So, if you want to engage the more introverted members of your audience, consider using an online quote calculator.

Your customer management team isn’t always available

A person calculating the cost of moving.
You never know when a person might require using a quote calculator.

Even if you have a top-notch team, and are using state-of-the-art CRM for movers, your agents cannot be available 24/7. While this may not seem like a problem, know that people can look for moving service at any time of day and night. Especially when it comes to international moves. If your agent is unavailable to help out a potential customer, you need to do all that is necessary to keep them interested until the agent becomes available. This, among other things, means having a quote calculator that the customer can utilize.

How to use moving quote calculators

By now it should be obvious that quote calculators are a valuable tool to have in your arsenal. But, to fully flesh it out, we will give you a couple of ideas of how and when to use it. The key factor in all of them is understanding what role quote calculators play and how customers perceive it. Wrap your head around that, and you’ll easily come up with your own ideas on how to use quote calculators.

An easy way to get organic traffic

To make full use of your quote calculator, you need to make them easy to share. The best course of action is to have a specific page dedicated solely to your quote calculator. With that, you can easily promote your brand and your quote calculator with it. Any customer that is interested in the process of moving will naturally use your quote calculator. Once they do, they are likely to stay on your website, especially if you can recommend further reading about the places they’ve searched in the calculator. This influx of organic traffic is a reason alone why a quote calculator is a must.

Offer a moving service

A smiling moving professional.
What better time to offer moving services than while people are considering the cost of moving.

Another way to make use of quote calculators is as an easy segway into offering moving services. Say that you’ve used decent moving leads software and that you have people interested in your company. They are reading about various moving tips and how to prepare for the upcoming relocation. Well, during their read, you can note that you offer free online estimates. Once they fill it out, it will be far more natural to offer your moving services, as they are already considering them.


The main thing to remember about using a quote calculator is the effect it has on people. By having an exact number for their relocation, they can put things into perspective. This instance is where your brand can shine, and where you are best off offering your moving service. So, instead of simply putting a quote calculator on your website and forgetting about it, try to make it an active part of the viewer experience. The more naturally you can weave it into the user journey, the better. And this is something that the relocation cost calculator provider can help you with.

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