Picking out just the right CRM software for your moving business can be difficult. There is a lot to consider, and it is easy for some concerns to slip your mind. To help with that, we have put together a list of what to look for in CRM demos before buying one. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best moving company CRM for your needs!

Does the demo offer enough to make a decision?

The first and foremost of what to look for in CRM demos before buying one is the quality of the demo itself. Frankly, some demos do not have what you need to make a decent decision. Some are even called ‘demos’ while in fact being nothing but a short video of no practical use to anyone! Does the demo offer most of the options a full version would have, simply time locked? Is the time period long enough to really try it out and get a feel for it? If the answer to both these questions is ‘no’, then you should probably move on and look into another one.

How accessible is the CRM?

Using CRM on an iPad
Having access to your CRM software on an iPad can be very helpful!

And by that we mean: What devices can you use it from? Obviously, you should be able to use it on a standard desktop PC. And most definitely on a laptop. However, can you use it on an iPad? What about a smartphone? Now, obviously, you can expect to have less functionality on one of the latter devices. You cannot expect a phone to run a program as well as a good PC can. But even limited access with just some data manipulation and overview abilities can be very helpful. If such an option is, in fact, present then you need to check how well adapted the CRM is to the less powerful devices, too.

Would your hardware support it?

Even if you have the absolute best customer care software for movers, if your device can’t run it, it’s useless. So, make sure to observe how well it behaves and handles while using the demo! Of course, the specifications should give you a good idea of whether you can support it or not. Still, even if you hit all the required numbers, the age of the device and its current condition all has a bearing on its performance. So, observe whether the CRM freezes up, skips lines while reading data, or takes extra time to register your typing. Those are some of the surefire signs that it is not working properly.

How easy is it to actually import and export data?

This is absolutely crucial. Data management is obviously one of the most important things for any CRM software. If it does not support decent import and export of data, then it would honestly not be worth the hassle of implementing it. Both import and export, if issues with them arise, can cause serious problems down the road. So, test it for reliability and ease of use!

Does it cover all of your needs?

Simply put: does it have all the bells and whistles you need at this point in your business’s development. It doesn’t matter how good your plan for lead management for moving companies is if you do not have the necessary tools to support it. Of course, if you are using a demo with certain options locked out, it can be hard to judge. This is why we recommend you pursue ‘full demos’ with a hard time limit to their use duration instead.

Would it support the future expansion of your needs?

This is a bit more complicated to account for. You cannot really, with complete certainty, know which features of CRM software you will need in the future. Still, you can make a pretty good educated guess if you pause and consider your long-term goals and plans. In general, however, you can just prioritize software solutions with multiple additional features. Even if you would not be using them immediately, it is good to know you have the option of integrating them into your plans.

Is it easy to implement?

This is a pretty hard thing to look for in CRM demos. Simply because it comes down to your impressions as a user. Some software is tricky to implement, to say the least. Of course, there are CRM integrations every moving company needs, such as CRM email integration for movers. They are simply too useful to pass up. Still, if it is obvious that the software will take some time to get used to, you want to take your time. Introduce the features one by one so you can give your employees time to properly get used to them.

Would your employees require additional training for it?

CRM tutorials on different devices.
Organizing an online seminar for CRM software use might be a good idea!

This is an important aspect of what to look for in CRM demos before buying one. If you are struggling to put the demo to good use or get lost and have no clue what some of the features even are, that’s a pretty sure sign that your employees will require at least some training to be able to use it. A short course might be able to do the trick and get them to a required skill level. But it is just as likely that they will need a bit more time to get to grips with it. A period during which your CRM software would not be used to its full potential. Or used properly at all, if it is more complex.

Are upgrades frequent and are they free?

Software update
You actually do not want software with too frequent updates, since it can be disruptive for your work!

To answer this question partially, you can take a look at the version number of the particular demo. Still, it will take a bit more research and outside-the-demo searching to get the full picture. Frequent updates can be both good and bad. On the one hand, it is a continuous improvement of the software. On the other, your employees can get confused by new features or shifts in layout. And, of course, if the ‘upgrades’ are insubstantial cash grabs, you do not want to have anything to do with the software or its developers.

Final recommendation

This basically covers what to look for in CRM demos before buying one! Our final advice is to take a careful look at the contract or subscription of the software. Most are based on a yearly subscription. However, some have stipulations like the number of devices allowed to use it or similar. So, carefully think about whether it pays off!

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