In the ideal scenario, running a moving business would be quite straightforward. You offer a moving service to your local area, and soon people start hiring you. Before long, you gain brand recognition and your business is an overall success. In reality, there tend to be more than a few issues you’ll have to tackle. One of the common ones is for a moving company to lose leads and not be sure why. Well, to address this, we will cover the most likely reasons why your moving business is losing leads.

5 reasons why your moving business is losing leads

In theory, there could be countless reasons why your moving business is losing leads. From having a badly made website to running lead tracking software for a moving company that doesn’t suit your niche. But, in practice, there are only five that tend to pop up in 99% of cases. Therefore, we will use this article to focus on those five and ensure that you avoid them as much as possible.

You aren’t responding quickly enough

A person trying to reach a moving company via phone.
Having a subpar customer management system can be a straightforward reason why your moving business is losing leads.

One of the telltale signs of how efficient a moving company is is how equipped they are to respond to customers. If a customer sees that it takes the company two days to respond to their question, they can hardly hope that that company will properly tackle their relocation.

What is important to understand here is that modern customers are impatient. Long gone are the days when you could check your emails once per day and respond when you find the time. In today’s market, you need to be fast if you want to capture customers’ interest. So, one of the common reasons why companies lose leads is that they simply take too long to respond. Using decent CRM software for movers does help, as it makes responding to customers much easier. But, you first need to understand the importance of a quick response.

You don’t research your online traffic

The most common reason why moving companies lose leads is not that they drive them away. It’s simply that they don’t understand their online traffic enough to make use of them. More often than not, companies do manage to drive people to their websites, even with rudimentary marketing. Unfortunately, while rudimentary marketing can bring people to your website, it won’t successfully turn them into customers. To make that happen, you need to research your online traffic and see what aspects you can improve. Customer journey is something that you need to fully understand and properly guide if you are to have decent leads.

Your services don’t address your target demographic

A company manager helping a client answer a survey.
The more you can learn about your audience, the better.

As a moving company, it is paramount that you outline your target demographic. No company, no matter how big or competent it is, can service everyone. Especially if they want to retain a decent service. So, if you wish to succeed, it is paramount that you properly outline who your target demographic is. Once you do so, you can proceed to address them and only them. By doing so, you can ensure that your online marketing is effective. And that you actually draw in leads that will turn into paying customers.

By using CRM email tracking for movers you can learn some vital info about your customer and figure out what similarities they share. But, overall, collecting declared and inferred data is a must.

You didn’t segment your leads

Another common mistake moving companies make is to put all their leads together. By doing so you essentially waste time as not all leads are equally valuable. Some leads require only a bit of response in order to gain a new customer. But, as we said before, the response has to be well-timed. On the other hand, you may have obscure leads that likely won’t lead to anything worthwhile. If you pile all leads together, you won’t be able to answer the worthwhile ones in a timely fashion.

Furthermore, by segmenting your leads you will have an easier time constructing an appropriate response. Each segment ought to have a template that your employees can fill out. This not only makes responding easier but also ensures that your responses will remain in line with your brand.

You are trying to tackle too many leads

A person trying to reach a moving company via phone.
You need to outline a streamlined approach to your audience and only approach leads that are worthwhile.

The final mistake that causes moving companies to lose leads is that they simply try to tackle too many of them. This is, again, where segmentation comes into play. Namely, if you want to avoid spreading yourself too thin, you need to make sure that you pick and choose which leads to tackle. If you simply say “All leads are worth pursuing!” you will soon find yourself losing valuable ones. Again, it is vital that you establish a system where you can outline worthwhile leads and only focus on them.

Final thoughts

Besides understanding why your moving business is losing leads it is also important to understand why tackling leads is important. If a big part of your client base comes through online traffic, it is paramount that you tackle leads with due care. For this reason, companies even choose to outsource certain aspects of their customer service. That way their agents can effectively focus on lead management and ensure decent results.

A good CRM system is a must, no matter how which lead management strategy you opt for. Without it, you’ll have a hard time managing requests from ongoing customers, not to mention potential ones. All things considered, research lead management properly and don’t think of it as a one-and-done deal. For most moving companies it does take a bit of trial and error before they hit their mark.

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