Resolving customer complaints promptly is crucial for the success of a moving business. In the moving industry, customer complaints often involve issues such as missed deadlines, breaches of contracts, and damage or loss of belongings. Failure to address these complaints satisfactorily can significantly damage the business’s reputation. It is essential to be aware of common mistakes in resolving customer claims and learn how to utilize a moving CRM to enhance the process and improve the quality of service provided.

The importance of resolving customer claims

If you fail to resolve customer complaints, you will lose your clients. Also, your business will appear untrustworthy, reflecting poorly on your ability to get new clients. Once bad customer reviews start to pile up, your business will quickly go downhill if you are not solving them.

That is why resolving customer claims is crucial in running a successful business. Now, look at some of the most common mistakes in resolving customer claims.

dashbord used to resolve customer claims
CRM will substantially improve internal communication and help you avoid common mistakes in resolving customer claims.

Common mistakes to avoid

The first step in improving your process of solving customer claims is to understand the gaps and bad practices. The ones we are going to cover today include:

  • Failure to document complaints
  • Bad practices of record keeping
  • No follow-up with customers
  • The lack of clear communication in the process
  • Poor team communication

We will take a deeper look into these topics and try to explain why these issues happen and how to solve them.

Not documenting customer complaints and damage claims

Imagine an employee receiving a call or an email from a customer who wants to file a complaint. While they understand the ask, the employee forgets to document the complaint. Because there is no documentation, no one can start working on the complaint. This is a massive problem for your business.

To solve it, you have to come up with a transparent process on how to handle the documentation of customer complaints. Let’s take a look at how inconsistent record-keeping also harms your business.

Moving box with a calculator and notes.
Customer complaints are an essential part of any business.

Inconsistent record-keeping

To get back to our previous example, we saw how harmful it can be not to document something. There is also a situation where employees are not consistent with record-keeping. They could write down different information or keep documented complaints in separate files. This substantially reduces the visibility and consistency of the entire process and may lead to skipped items.

The lack of timely follow-up with customers

Once a customer files a complaint, they will expect a follow-up call promptly. As a business, you must regularly inform them about resolving their problem. Do not allow a situation where they have to call and ask what is happening. While collecting information about the complaint, let them know when they can expect your call. It is crucial to understand the importance of follow ups in moving because that will help with improving customer communication.

No clear communication with customers

Even if you are maintaining some form of communication, transparency is important. A common mistake would be to hide information from your clients or not let them know when they can expect your call. Also, saying one thing and doing the other or providing misinformation to customers are all very bad practices.

A person looking at a moving contract.
Make sure to clearly define the process for handling customer complaints, and let the clients know about it.

Poor team communication

To quickly solve customer complaints, you must also have good team communication. If your teams do not communicate, things will get missed, and they might breach the agreed deadline for solving the problem. When one team receives a complaint, they must immediately inform all included teams to ensure a fast resolution of the issue.

Now that you understand poor communication leads to the failure to solve customer complaints let’s look at how to use moving CRM to improve communication. We will also talk about other benefits of CRM for your business.

Why CRM is the best solution for avoiding common mistakes

CRM is a system specifically built to help manage all customer-related processes. It has many amazing features that will improve your business. This is especially true if you are using a moving CRM platform optimized to support all moving processes. Here are some of the benefits to have in mind.

One unique database for all your records

A huge benefit of CRM is that it is a single centralized database where you can keep all of your records. This will help with avoiding duplicate records, inconsistent data, and the lack of visibility for some teams. If you are considering how to introduce moving CRM in your company, a good idea is to explain this benefit. Show your employees how it will help them do their work more efficiently and improve team communication.

Real-time notifications

Real-time notifications will inform all the teams when a new complaint appears in the system. This is an essential feature because it prevents situations where someone misses a complaint.

Real-time updates

Besides notifications, you can also enable the system to send real-time updates. For example, if a customer did not provide all the necessary information, you can tell them to provide additional information. The system will inform you as soon as they do. Also, the system notifies other teams about the current status of a complaint.

Automated workflows

Another big advantage of CRM is that it automates your processes. This will not only save time for your employees but also reduce human errors.

Furthermore, it will create a consistent process to ensure the same level of effort when handling customer complaints. This will affect customer satisfaction.

How CRM helps with the process of avoiding common mistakes in resolving customer claims

Understanding common mistakes in resolving customer claims will help you substantially improve your business. CRM for movers is a fantastic piece of software that will equip you with all the necessary features to increase efficiency. As long as you resolve customer complaints on time, you can maintain a successful business and ensure that the quality of service always stays high.

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