Trying to develop a moving business without having a straightforward business plan is a fool’s errand. To make any kind of tangible progress, you need to outline where you will invest your funds, how to track your performance and determine goals that you hope to achieve. To help start you off, we will outline five B2C sales business plans that a respectable moving company should consider.

B2C sales business plans to check out

Before we delve deeper into specific business plans it is worth noting that every plan is an investment. As such, it might succeed or it might not. Your best bet is to understand the circumstances in which you are trying to implement your business plan and all the factors that impact it. Ideally, you will have a clear metric to track those factors. That way, even if it doesn’t work out, you will learn and implement your knowledge into the next business plan. Now, let’s take a look at the best sales business plans for growing a moving company.

Offer a new service

A person packing boxes into a van.
When it comes to B2C sales business plans, the simplest ones tend to be the most effective.

A good moving company always keeps tabs on customer needs. If you’ve managed to gain any kind of notable success in your industry, you probably already have an idea of what your customers are like. Therefore, it is only natural that you use your experience to expand your business and start offering a new service. Besides simple relocation, you can also offer storage, packing, heavy item transport, long-distance moving, etc. The best course of action is to consider your customer base, and see what you can do to make their relocation experience better. If you manage to do so effectively, you are bound to see a great ROI on your business plan.

Utilize retargeting as much as possible

If done properly, retargeting can be quite effective for certain moving companies. If you tend to cater to customers that relocate a lot, or other views require moving services, you’d be a fool not to retarget them. The only question is when to retarget them, and what platform to use. Well, CRM email marketing for moving companies has proved to be quite effective in retargeting. Emails, in general, hold a specific role in customer relations as they are seen as both personal, and professional. When it comes to retargeting, the combination of the two proves to be most effective.

Use social media influencers for marketing

In certain instances, the main reason why a company cannot properly develop is simply that they don’t have the necessary reach. Tacking marketing is hard. And if you have little prior experience, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed with the competition. Therefore, a notable business move you can make is to invest in social media marketing. More particularly, in influencers.

Different social media platforms.
It is vital that you pick the right social media platform to work on.

For instance, say that your target audience is primarily college students. Try to reach them via standard marketing will only take you so far, especially if you already have established competitors in your area. Instead, what you can do is to find which social media influencers have the biggest following in your customer base. Once you do find them, either often the influences a free moving service, or send them your products for a review. If you have faith in your company, their review alone should garner quite a boost in your customers. Who knows, you might even establish a long-lasting relationship (depending on how often the influencers require moving services).

Add a gift with your service

Sometimes, the simplest solutions to a business problem are the most effective. If you are trying to gain a foothold in your local marketing, and you cannot push ahead of the competition, a simple gift can do you a world of good. Consult with your sales team, and see what gift value is profitable enough for you to offer it along with your service. A thought-out gift that will make your client’s lives easier will do you a world of good. Both in gaining new customers and in getting good reviews. But, again, you need to consider who your customers are, and what type of gift would actually be suitable. Even a token gift will help with brand promotion. But a well-thought-out gift can do wonders.

Lead prioritization

One of the main ways in which a moving company gets customers is through leads. This is why having decent lead tracking software for moving companies is important, and why you need to invest the necessary care and attention into it. But, one of the mistakes companies often make is to treat every lead with the same value. By now you probably know that not all leads have the same prospect of becoming a customer. And seeing that it only takes a couple of factors to determine how valuable a lead is, you’d be a fool not to invest in efficient prioritization.

Digital marketing, being one of the aspects of all B2C sales business plans.
Lead prioritization also helps with digital marketing.

Prioritizing leads has become so common practice within the moving industry that you cannot consider your sales effort efficient if you don’t utilize it. Fortunately, doing so is much more straightforward than it was just a couple of years ago. All you have to do is to get the right CRM for packers and movers at utilizing it to the full extent.

Final thoughts

As you can see, while there are multiple B2C sales business plans, all of them revolve around you knowing your customer base. If you know what your customers are like, you can easily develop a plan to do further business with them. If not, no amount of online research will prove effective. So, do yourself a favor and grow to know your customer base as much as possible. That is the only way to make savvy decisions in both sales and marketing.

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