In order to make any reasonable profit in the modern business climate, you need to take heed of customer experience (CX). Product-based businesses have some leeway in this matter, as most of their customer experience is handled either by marketing or by customer service. But, if you are a service-based business, like a moving company, you need to take extra care in ensuring that your customer experience is as good as possible. With this in mind, we will use this article to elaborate a bit on CX. Furthermore, we will give you helpful guidelines on improving CX as a moving business.

The importance of CX for a moving business

Most moving companies live and die based on customer satisfaction. If your customers are satisfied with your service they will give you good reviews and ratings. This, in turn, will bring in new customers. Your marketing and SEO management can help you get on your customer’s radar. But, whether or not they’ll hire you is essentially based on whether you have favorable reviews. Unfortunately, providing stellar moving service is no longer sufficient for good reviews. Of course, it is a vital part of it. But, to truly ensure that you have good reviews you need to consider CX in general. Only by doing so will you turn your marketing efforts into actual paying customers.

Improving CX as a moving business

Every interaction that a customer has with your brand constitutes your CX. This includes everything from pre-engagement to engagement and post-engagement stages. Therefore, concisely explaining how to improve CX as a moving company can be difficult. What we will do is give you the most important aspects of good CX. Once you go through them you can identify which aspects are least present in your company and therefore require your attention.

Understand your customers

First and foremost, in order to have decent CX, you need to understand your customers. No other CX factor can be deal with unless you have a firm understanding of who your customers are. Now, you may believe that your customers come from all walks of life. But, in our experience, this is rarely the case. Most companies usually have a customer base that has belongs to a certain demographic. This can be family people, single professionals, college students, retirees, etc… Therefore, it is in your best interests to define what your target demographic is.

A person using a magnifying glass in order to find a group of people, showing what you need to do for improving CX as a moving business.
Identifying your target demographic is vital for improving CX as a moving business.

Now, of course, no customers base is completely homogenous. You will always have people from other walks of life hiring your services for one reason or the other. But, your goal, as a company manager is to outline who your target demographic is. Once you do so, you can proceed to use that knowledge to improve their experience with your company.

Predict customer needs

The biggest advantage of clearly identifying a target demographic is that you can predict customer needs. For instance, if you mostly deal with college students, you can properly time your marketing effort. So, before the semester starts, you can offer discounts on moving services and shared storage. By doing so you not only make marketing easier. But, you also increase customers satisfaction by a significant margin. The more you can predict your customer needs the more efficiently you’ll be able to help them out. You can orient current services so that they are as efficient as possible in dealing with the customers. And you’ll introduce new ones so that you can help your customers in new ways. Ideally, you will set up your services so that by contacting you, your customers no longer have to worry about moving-related issues.

A mover helping a satisfied customer.
The easiest way to improve customer satisfaction is to understand customer needs.

Customer journey on your website

As a moving company, your website is usually the first interaction your customer will have with your brand. Therefore, it is vital that you make it as intuitive and well-optimized as possible. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. While we all know how good it feels to visit an intuitive website, it can be hard to pinpoint what makes it so. To tackle this you need to track your customer journey on your website. By doing so you will know how their attention flows and where the potential issues are. Something as small as poor positioning or sub-optimal mapping can have surprising effects on the customer experience. Your goal here is to guide your customers as smoothly as possible to what they need, be it service or information.

Build a relationship with your customers

A big part of having a good CX not trying to sell something to your customers, but trying to build a relationship with them. Keep in mind that your customers, no matter the demographic, are more than willing to tell you what they need, and what they think you should improve. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should always listen to them. But, it does mean that your customers should have a voice in how you orient your company.

A customer service team working.
As a moving company, it is paramount that you have good customer service.

To make this possible you need to have good customer service and thought out post-engagement tactics. A customers service with a good CRM system will ensure that your customers aren’t frustrated and that their issues are received and noted. Besides this, encourage your customers to give you reviews. If some issues repeat themselves, you can take them as a clear sign that something needs to be done for better CX.

Final thoughts

All things considered, improving CX as a moving business boils down to understanding your customer base. If you manage to get a good idea of what your customers are like and integrate that with your brand we are sure you will have stellar marketing and online appeal. Combine that with good customer service using a cloud-based CRM, and you are pretty much guaranteed top-notch CX.

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