Personalized offers are a good strategy that will help you to connect with your clients. Everyone wants to feel special and be the number one customer. Having this personal approach is the right way to build a successful business. One tool that can help you in this process is a customer relationship management system. Once you start using it the right way, you will be able to create tailored offers that will attract more users, but also help you to keep the old ones coming back. Moreover, personalized offers can help your moving company stand out among the competition. Let us show you how!

Why are personalized offers good for your moving business?

A personalized offer sends a special message to your customers. It tells them you care about their needs enough to create something specifically for them. This is the right approach to doing business. The customer now knows you understand their needs and requirements. Just by knowing this, they will appreciate your effort and the extra attention. It is always nice to feel special, especially in a cold business world where everything revolves around money.

How to use CRM to create personalized moving offers?

CRM is a unique database that stores and analyses customer data. Prior to CRM people were mostly using Excel spreadsheets to organize their data. That does work, but if we compare Excel spreadsheets vs CRM, we will see that CRM has an array of features specialized for the moving business. Those features include:

  • Automated follow-ups
  • Automated emails
  • Targeted emails
  • Personalized estimates
  • Customer data analysis

All of these features really make CRM shine. Here is how to use them to create personalized offers and messaging for your moving business.

A personalized approach will create a positive moving experience, and a customizable moving CRM that gets the job done will get you there.

Automated follow-ups

A follow-up email is a crucial part of your service. Once the relocation is complete and your clients are settled, it is your obligation to reach out to them and ask about the experience. This accomplishes a couple of things.

First, it shows them you care about their experience. Your dedication goes beyond just helping them move. In its core nature, every business revolves around providing a service for money. While that is a true fact, it also creates this cold atmosphere. But, if you go the extra mile and show them you care about how they felt, you are now introducing a very personalized approach.

Second, a follow-up allows you to grow as a business. If there was a mistake, you will quickly learn about it, and compensate the customer. Also, you will make sure the mistake does not repeat in the future. A simple satisfaction survey will provide you with a lot of important data.

Finally, this personalized approach is an excellent advertisement for your business. If you show your clients that you care about their entire experience, they are more likely to reach out to you again. Make sure to include a discounted offer for their next move.

A mover looking at a moving checklist.
Organize relocations with the help of CRM for moving.

There are many benefits of automated follow-ups in moving, and they will help you to create a personal connection with your clients. Best of all is that you can use CRM to set up these automated follow-ups and make sure you don’t forget to send one after the relocation.

Automated emails

Besides a follow-up email, CRM allows you to create more automated messages and send them to your clients at the right moment. For example, when someone signs up for your newsletter or creates a profile on your website, you can send them a Welcome email. If you have customers that frequently visit your website, but have not booked a move yet, send them an automated email with a special deal to incentivize them to schedule a relocation.

Automated emails are a very powerful marketing tool. Learn how to use them properly, and save your business a lot of time.

Targeted email campaigns

Since CRM helps you to collect and analyze customer data, you can use it to create segmented lists of customers. Once you create these personalized groups, you can tailor your advertisements and emails to each group. For example, if you are offering a variety of moving services, such as college relocation, senior relocation, or military moving, you now have 3 groups of customers. Each of these groups requires a different approach.

Aside from the obvious groups, you can also analyze moving frequency. If you notice that you have a couple of customers that move quite often, you can then create a personalized offer and give them a discount or a special deal. CRM for movers really makes a difference here, because it allows you to apply this personal approach and connect with your clients.

Personalized estimates

A huge benefit of moving CRM is that you can use it to organize moving jobs. For example, if someone is moving long-distance, your movers can help them pack and assign barcode labels to every box for easier tracking. You can also create an entry for each of their items, and make sure everything from the checklist is packed. Because CRM allows you to have full insight into the size of their relocation, you can create personalized estimates and provide a full breakdown of prices.

People carrying moving boxes.
Tailored offers create happy customers.

This allows customers to understand the size of the relocation, and how much it will cost. They can now have full control over their spending, and avoid additional or unexpected expenses that will only create a poor customer experience. That is how personalized offers can help your moving company stand out in customer care, and also how to introduce CRM in your moving company. Explain to your moving crew that this is software that will substantially improve the quality of the service, and help them organize and manage relocations more easily.

Personalized offers can help your moving company stand out

As you can see, personalized offers can help your moving company stand out in many ways. By using CRM to take a personal approach, you are creating a meaningful connection with your customers. This is all a business needs to truly be successful, and create a steady base of caring customers.

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