Does someone have unauthorized access to your customer data? Trust us, that’s not a question folks like to hear. If you’ve read the news in a recent couple of years, you’ve probably noticed an article or two about various data leaks. Needless to say, it has never done any good to the brand that’s responsible for the issue. Therefore, it won’t do any good to your brand, too. In order to prevent CRM data leaks within your ranks, there are a couple of things that you might want to do. We’ve gathered them all in the article you’ll find below these words.

Why is the safety of your CRM data so important?

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While CRM software comes with obvious benefits, there’s always the risk of customer data breaches.

Before we continue, let’s take a moment to emphasize just how important it is to keep your CRM data safe from intrusion. As we’re sure you’re well aware, CRM software contains so much customer data that it presents an ideal target for many online pirates better known as hackers. In other words, these databases are every hacker’s potential goldmine. Therefore, it’s crucial that you keep your data safe from these attacks since public leaks might do some good old damage to the customer trust your company has built over the past years. Leaks will harm your business and you’ll have to invest a lot of effort, time, and, of course, money, to bring back things as they were. Such a scenario can even be downright catastrophic for a company, making it go out of business.

All in all: while the benefits of using customer management software for movers are obvious, it comes with certain risks.

What’s there to be done with leaked data?

You might be wondering: okay, so what’s in it for the hackers? Well, there are a number of things CRM data can be exploited for. Here are some of them:

  • ID theft. That’s right, someone might use the stolen CRM data to impersonate some of your trusty customers and commit fraud.
  • Corporate espionage. The stolen CRM data might also serve as valuable info for competing businesses. Also, other companies might use it directly again you.
  • Nation-state espionage. Sounds a bit far-fetched, but certain organizations that gather cyber intelligence might find some good use for the stolen data.
  • Selling leaked CRM data to a third party. Yup, it can be sold in the so-called data exchanges.
  • False billing. Cybercriminals might want to use the CRM data they’ve stolen from you to submit false or modified invoices. They’ll use these to convince naive buyers into making a payment that shouldn’t have been made.

Okay, now that we know that, where are all those tips on how to secure your CRM data and prevent leaks?

How to prevent CRM data leaks?

#1 Layer your data security

The first thing that you’ll want to do is to keep the IT infrastructure, on which the CRM data is hosted, safe from harm. It’s highly recommended that you come up with multiple layers of security in order to protect your customer data:

  • Layer #1: install a reliable firewall. This will enable you to control who has access to the data in the most efficient way.
  • Layer #2: install top-notch antivirus software. This will, of course, protect your CRM data from various viruses, Trojans, and worms. Also, a top-quality antivirus program will have to provide you with real-time scanning and malware & phishing protection.
  • Layer #3: update your operating system regularly. By frequently updating your operating software, you’ll avoid all those security issues that come as a result of “sporting” outdated or vulnerable features. Our suggestion is that you install software that offers complete disk encryption.

#2 Train your staff

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Train your staff on how to handle various security issues.

Here’s another way that you can prevent various CRM leaks: make sure your staff goes through some sort of online security training. They’ll have to know how to protect themselves and the company from online attacks.

Why’s this so important? Well, you wouldn’t ask that if you knew that many CRM data breaches are caused by the so-called “careless disclosure of data and passwords”. Not to mention the fact that the chances of security protocols becoming invalid and exposing your data to online hoodlums increase due to the advancements in technology. You’ll have to inspect and correct (if needed) your company’s current security protocols. That being said, it makes a lot of sense to train your staff on how to use various devices, software, and CRM data. They should, by all means, learn how to keep CRM data safe from breaches. You can do this by organizing workshops or, if you’re up for a simpler solution, paying for video tutorials your employees could watch individually.

#3 Monitor your CRM activities frequently

In order to fully protect your CRM data, there’s no way that you can ignore constantly monitoring your CRM activity. You’ll achieve this by setting up alerts that will notify you in case of, in the sweetest of words, unauthorized account access or other breaches in your security system. Also, you could create real-time dashboards that will enable you to inspect the security status of your CRM software online. You’ll ensure the total safety of your lead tracking software for movers.

#4 Use unique passwords

A lock on a keyboard.
Don’t use easily-decipherable passwords.

This might sound like the most obnoxiously obvious solution, but it’s nevertheless very important. Anyhow, easily guessed passwords are a big NO-NO. Make sure that your staff uses original, unique passwords in order to keep your accounts and data safe. Oh, and another thing: keep your passwords off the computers or various password managers you might’ve used in the past.

#5 Opt for a reliable, trustworthy CRM provider

Last but not least, let’s consider why’s it so important to opt for a trustworthy CRM provider. By doing so, you’ll do your company a big favor in terms of protection against cybercrime. Before you opt for a CRM software provider, you’ll want to look up some unbiased reviews on trusted third-party websites. Also, if you’re coming from the relocation industry, we’d feel bad not to suggest enjoying all the benefits of CRM with email automation for your moving company.

Final words on the subject

Okay, folks, that’s all there’s to say on how to prevent CRM data leaks. Hopefully, you’ve had a fun, yet informative read. By following the tips we’ve shared with you above, you’ll do a lot for your company’s safety against various cyber attacks. Trust us, you don’t want to risk your brand’s reputation by ignoring these words.

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