In our articles, we often mentioned how beneficial it is to unify sales and marketing teams. On the one hand, your sales team will benefit from customer data that the marketing team can provide. And your marketing team will benefit from having effective access to sales.  Unfortunately properly unifying sales and marketing teams is easier said than done.  In this article, we will go over different ways in which you can look to unify the two and ensure the aforementioned benefits.

Different ways to unify sales and marketing teams

What we will now outline are different ways in which you can look to unify marketing and sales teams. Mind you this is not a blueprint on how to do so for your company. Every company is different and you need to understand yours in order to merge the two teams. So try to first understand the people working for you you and then try to implement the method that seems easiest to apply.

Start from the get-go

A group of office people working together.
The sooner you unify sales and marketing teams, the better.

Arguably the best and easiest to have your sales and marketing teams work in tandem is to have them do so from the get-go. If you are just starting your company you’d be smart not to separate your teams. Instead, have them working together learning the necessity of combining marketing and sales. Modern tools like MoversTech CRM software can aid you greatly in this as they provide tools for both marketing and sales. Furthermore, they work on a centralized database which makes the unification that much easier.

Create feedback loops

In order to properly merge marketing and sales you need to constantly monitor their performance. Effective teams show great results. But before those results come into play there is usually a period of trial and error. The more your teams learn from this period the sooner they will be able to integrate their efforts. Therefore your job is to provide them with a constant feedback loop.

Ideally, your teams will be able to monitor what their efforts contribute and where they can improve their performance. In the case of a moving company, it is best to use CRM with email automation. Emails are a big part of any marketing plan for a moving company. Therefore it is in its best interest to monitor emails and find ways to improve both the sales and marketing aspects of it.

Perform and use analytics

Apart from providing constant feedback to your employees you also need to set up analytics of your own. It is paramount that you have objective measures of how well your integration is going. If there is a problem these analytics will show it to you. Therefore you will be able to address it much faster than you would on your own.

In this regard, we would advise that you consult with someone that has more experience. Moving companies often have to go through the trouble of combining marketing and sales teams. Therefore you won’t have to look far before you find a more experienced professional who can share their experience. The better you set up your analytics the more you can rely on them to tell you what is wrong and what needs fixing.

Invest in training

The one thing you shouldn’t expect is that the integration between marketing and sales teams will be natural for your employees.  Understand that both marketing and sales teams have their own lingo their own unwritten rules and their own expectations. Therefore you need to do your part and help them transition from two teams to one team.

Customer service agent.
Your customer service agents likely don’t know what your salespeople or marketing agents go through.

Fortunately, you won’t be alone in your effort. Companies recognized long ago that combining marketing and sales teams is beneficial. And that doing so is by no means easy. Therefore you can do what all big companies do which is to invest in specific employee training. You need to help your sales teams understand what marketing teams go through. They need to understand branding social media engagement and the value of time for marketing.

In a similar fashion, your marketing teams need to understand what it takes to use moving leads software find leads, and close a deal.  Only once they have the full idea of what the other team goes through will they be able to work together.

Celebrate success

Office workers celebrating after they've managed to unify sales and marketing teams.
Always celebrate success. It will bring your workers, together.

Finally, you want to celebrate success. Don’t forget that all your employees are good. Therefore if they’re going through the trouble of merging with another team they should feel rewarded for doing so. Once company numbers start to pick up you should notify your employees and thank them for the trouble. Don’t shy away from throwing an office party or investing in a team-building exercise. All in all your mum to make your themes glad that they are working with one another. And that the Troubles they went through in order to combine were not in vain.

Final thoughts

While these methods will make it easier to unify sales and marketing teams, it won’t be easy. The more experienced your workers are, the harder it can be to teach them new methods. So, try to approach this order with an understanding of what your employees are going through.

It is paramount that you elaborate on the benefits of CRM email marketing for movers and how the process of finding leads is much easier when you have customer data available. They need to understand that integrating the two teams will be beneficial both for them and for the company. We would even advise you to set rewards for those that are willing to learn and help others adapt. The more you can motivate your employees to learn, the easier it will be to unify them.

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