You can hardly hope to keep up with marketing analytics if you don’t have some form of customer data acquisition in place. To understand what your customers are like you need to collect both declared and inferred data. While most marketing managers are aware of this, some seem to think that this only applies to online data. And while that data is useful, you should also take notice of call tracking. In this article we will cover the importance of call tracking in marketing and why moving companies should invest in it.

Benefits of call tracking in marketing

Call tracking is, as the process of recording call information from incoming calls.  As such, if you solely do your business online, call tracking won’t do you much good. But, seeing as almost all moving companies rely heavily on phone calls, it is only natural that you use call tracking to full effect. If you know how to use it, call tracking can give you some valuable data regarding your marketing. And it can give you key insight into what your customer base is like.

Keyword level tracking

You’ll have a hard time marketing your company if you don’t tackle SEO. And as you’ll soon learn, SEO management is largely based on how well your keywords perform. To manage your SEO you will have to outline a clear keyword strategy and monitor how well different keywords perform. Fortunately, call tracking can be surprisingly beneficial in this regard. Namely, what you’ll do is see which keywords lead to incoming calls. It doesn’t take much to learn what drove the customer to give you a call. So, you should have a fairly easy time figuring out which keywords are performing well.

The better you can track keyword performance, the better you will optimize your marketing.

Campaign level tracking

In a similar fashion, you can use call tracking to see which marketing campaigns are effective. As a moving company, there are a ton of ways in which you can engage with your audience. From using CRM email marketing for moving companies to utilising various offline methods. But, regardless of which marketing campaign you opt for, it is paramount that you have an effective way to track your performance. You need to know how many people you are engaging with, and how many of them convert into full-fledged customers.

This is precisely where call tracking can be of aid. Through it, you will have a clear metric to follow of how many interested people come searching for your company. Most of your campaigns will have a Call To Action inviting customers to give you a call. So, you can easily inquire what brought your customers to your company, and work on improving that area of marketing.

Multichannel level tracking

Unless you are running a moving company that is entirely based on a small customer base, you will have to market yourself on multiple channels. A vast majority of moving companies have a heterogeneous customer base. Therefore, it is in your best interest to market yourself on different channels. Finding leads by using lead tracking software for moving companies, utilizing email marketing, posting on social media… These are all viable channels for a moving company to market itself. And, just like campaigns and keywords, you will have an easier time tracking your channels if you make use of call tracking.

Marketing analytics on a laptop representing an important effect of call tracking in marketing.
You cannot seriously tackle marketing without multichannel performance tracking.

Learning about your customer

By now it should be obvious that the main way in which you benefit from call tracking in marketing is that you learn about your customers. You learn what aspect of your marketing brought them to you, which is incredibly valuable for future marketing efforts. But, if you are careful with your call tracking, you can also learn a fair bit more about your customer base.

As we mentioned, most moving companies have a fairly diverse customer base. You will most likely have a few segments within your customer base that you need to tackle in different ways. And learning what your segments are like, and what they prefer will be tremendously useful.

What are your customers like

The timing, the phrasing, and the duration of the call can all give you valuable info on what your customers are like. Business people will approach relocation different than students. And elderly people will tend to make longer calls than young married couples. By knowing these, seemingly minute details, you can look to better optimize your customer service. The more your marketing can approach the tone of your customers, the more it will resonate with them. So, don’t shy away from closely analysing your calls and deciphering what your customers are like.

A girl using a phone while on a laptop.
Simply put, call tracking in marketing enables you to learn what your customers are like.

Can you improve your customer management?

Having a well-running customer management team is by no means easy. That is why companies invest in CRM for packers and movers to help their teams work better. Now, CRM systems aid customer service agents by giving useful tools, and by optimizing various processes. But, one of the main ways in which agents benefit from CRM systems is that they are able to see how effective their efforts are. By tracking calls and analysing what your customers say you can see whether you are providing all the important info about your company and services. If the same questions keep getting asked, even though you seemingly made them clear with other content, you evidently didn’t make them clear enough.

Final takeaway

The final takeaway we have for you is that call tracking in marketing is mandatory for any serious moving company. Even though we have emails and social media, you can still expect that most of your clients will give you a call when they need your help. Therefore, it is in your best interest to make call tracking a part of customer management, and see what you can learn about your customer base.


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