We don’t need to emphasize the fact that running a moving company isn’t an easy task. To be more precise, running any business isn’t a simple thing to do. However, some issues are closely associated with the industry you’re working in. That’s why today we’ll discuss some of the most common pain points of running a moving company. If you’re somehow related to the industry branch in question, you’ll enjoy what we share in the article below. Stay tuned!

What are the top pain points of running a moving company?

Movers have a broad spectrum of responsibilities. From packing to transportation, with all the heavy lifting, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. The ability to avoid mistakes lurking around every corner comes with experience or, in this case, listening to other people’s mistakes. The most common pain points for every passionate businessman in the moving industry are:

  • traffic issues
  • overestimating capabilities
  • maximum capacity relocations
  • poor customer service
  • marketing strategies

The issue(s) with traffic

Everyone’s dealing with these issues, not just folks from the moving industry. However, the consequences of “not making it on time” for companies that offer relocation services aren’t so benign. As we’re sure you know, many things can occur on the road, most of which are out of your control. This is what it makes traffic one of the biggest struggles of running a moving company.

traffic in NYC
Traffic jam is one of the most common pain points of running a moving company.

Imagine a traffic accident that causes a severe jam, completely blocking a specific route right where your trucks are headed. If that’s to happen, you should suggest your drivers keep an eye out for what’s on the highway. They need to be in direct communication so that they might help one another.

This all stands for when one of your trucks isn’t directly involved in the incident but just suffering from its consequences. If one of your moving trucks is in an accident, immediately send another truck to continue with the process. A good rule of thumb is to have a CRM for movers in those situations. It will help you make your organization of time and overall management impeccable, so you can do other parts of the job efficiently.

Movers that overestimate their capabilities

Overestimating your capabilities is a beginner’s mistake people make in wanting to grow more quickly. It can be quite frustrating to turn down clients just because you don’t have enough trucks to support their needs. But, you must remember that the size and number of licensed transportation devices you own will dictate your ability to move particular objects. If you want to run your business in a way that will help you get customers and gain their trust, you shouldn’t take too big of a bite at once. Before agreeing to a moving contract, find out what has to be relocated and whether you can do it.

There is a wide range of complexity in relocation initiatives. Do not accept the deal if you do not have the necessary resources to transport the goods promptly and securely. Create a cap that makes sense for your time and resources.

Putting all your efforts to work at once

You may go all out and fill your vehicle if you get a fantastic moving offer, sending out every truck in the fleet. Using all your resources at once is risky since there is always a way to fix things if they go wrong. Trucks are subject to mechanical failure and accidents.

While the damaged vehicle is being fixed, another truck should be ready to deliver. Even if you have a large and profitable contract for moving services, you should always set aside 2-3% of your budget for contingencies.

moving trucks on the road
If one truck fails, you should always have an alternative.

Marketing is one of the most significant pain points of running a moving company

A lot of movers tend to focus on only their line of work. They do what they do best, and that’s legitimate. But, to grow your business today, you need to adapt to technology and online marketing. Email marketing can be pretty challenging to master, and it’s one of the biggest struggles of running a moving company, so using CRM with email automation can help. Also, many good firms specialize in marketing and SEO optimization, so make sure to find the one that fits your needs the most.

Customer service can be challenging

It’s easy to get wrapped up in operating a business that you forget why your company even exists: the customers. Poor attention to customers has been a significant reason for the failure of many firms. Giving customers your whole focus is an absolute priority. It’s crucial to run your enterprise successfully and make an empire out of it.

A step in the right direction is training your employees to have the social skills required for good customer service. Not all clients will go to speak to customer service specifically. So, you can use CRM email marketing for moving companies, but it’s also essential that all the employees know how to handle specific questions and be of help. Or, in some situations, to redirect clients to customer service people.

Your clients will appreciate your company being there for them. Some customers also request how they would like their belongings transported. Be as receptive as possible, and if you feel their requests are unrealistic, express them to them in a businesslike manner.

people in customer service.
Quality of customer service can make or break your business.

How to deal with these problems?

To deal with these pain points of running a moving company, you must consider them all the time. Keep them in the back of your head with every arrangement so you’ll know how to prevent them or react when something unexpected happens.




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