Having a well-managed database is essential for proper CRM functionality. If you cannot rely on your database, none of your CRM features can work properly. Fortunately, ensuring that your CRM database is in order doesn’t have to be difficult or arduous. With a couple of tools by your side, you can easily ensure the integrity of your CRM database.

How to ensure the integrity of your CRM database

The integrity of your CRM database is largely dependent on the systems that monitor it. Different aspects can compromise your database, and it is important to have the necessary systems to mitigate these compromises. Fortunately, CRM systems tend to come with built-in data management features. After all, people that make CRM systems are well aware of how important it is that the database remains in pristine condition. So, before you start looking for specific tools, we would first advise you to ensure that you have a suitable system for your industry and that you are well-versed in how to use and maintain it.

A CRM for packers and movers can be substantially different from the one used in the sports goods industry, or eCommerce management. So, be sure that you understand what your CRM needs are, and how your system will fulfill them. Doing so will go a long way in making sure that your CRM database is well managed.

Removing duplicates

A person pointing to a CRM database.
You need to have a reliable way to remove duplicates from your CRM system.

Arguably the most common issue with CRM databases is duplicate data. Namely, what usually happens is certain data instances get doubled. This can be due to entry oversight, or due to mismanagement of data by programs. In either case, the effect is the same. Duplicate data not only causes performance issues, but your system also needs to process useless data. But, it can also cause issues in functionality, as duplicates may not get updated. Therefore, it is in your best interest to remove duplicates as often as you can. The top programs we have to recommend are:

  • Dedupely
  • DemandTools from Validity
  • RingLead

Data security

Padlock on a laptop.
Above all, it is paramount that you provide the necessary security in order to ensure the integrity of your CRM database.

Data security should always be your primary concern. Even if you feel that your competitors won’t stoop so low as to steal your data, you want to ensure that the CRM data you’ve gathered is nice and safe.

Firstly, doing so is important for legal reasons. If someone steals your customer data, you will be liable for getting sued. Secondly, you should never believe that you won’t get attacked. Remember, your competitors don’t actually need to use your data in order to get a leg up on you. They can simply delete your data, and leave you with a dysfunctional CRM system. So, do yourself a favor and get a system that will automatically protect your data from various kinds of attacks. The top programs we can recommend include:

  • Veeam Backup & Replication
  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
  • IDrive Online Backup

More robust AI solutions

While there are other tools that can help enhance your CRM system, we feel that they are becoming increasingly redundant. Namely, companies are working hard on establishing AI solutions that will effectively ensure the integrity of your CRM database. With those, you need not look for further tools, or update them. Instead, you can leave everything up to these all-in-one systems. The ones we find most interesting are:


Introhive is a U.S. company that provides a robust AI-based application for CRM. What it sets out to do is to synchronize information from emails, employee input, and conversations into CRM systems. While doing so, it will check the integrity of the data, and help map it. Large companies usually use Introhive, as their data oversight can be difficult. But, there is no reason why a smaller company cannot outreach to them, and see if they have solutions more suitable for their needs.

True influence

Ai, showing a way to ensure the integrity of your CRM database.
A good AI system can really do wonders for your CRM.

True influence’s main focus is on data validation. As such, it is perfectly suited for B2B marketing, where having the right data is paramount. The true influence works best with a small number of customers, where each customer has ample data to track and validate. So, if you are looking for lead tracking software for moving companies that focus on B2B, know that True influence can be of aid.


Chorus.ai is all about gathering data from every interaction that you have with your clients. Every call, email, video, or social media interaction is a part of Chorus.ai. What it does is go through the gathered data and highlight key indicators. Doing this not only ensures the integrity of the CRM data but also helps you understand your customers that much better. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to integrate CRM email marketing for moving companies with standard interactions, Chorus.ai is the way to go.


Zoominfo is an easy recommendation, as many CRM companies rely on it. This is a terrific all-in-one tool for data management. It has a dedicated team working on regular updates and pretty much guarantees that the data you use will be top-notch. Through Zoominfo you won’t have to worry about the integrity of your database. This all-in-one tool does everything for you and does so surprisingly well.

Final thoughts

How well you are able to ensure the integrity of your CRM database largely depends on how much you wish to invest in it. If budget is no problem, you can look to fully outsource and automate everything and not have to worry. But, if you are looking for more cost-effective options, you will need to employ some oversight. The key thing is to get the right tools that you can rely on. By following their output, and their recommendations for data security, you will effectively ensure the integrity of your database.

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