If you’re trying to run a potentially successful business, you’ll want to get acquainted with the necessary info on how to come up with a perfect sales pitch. A sales pitch that is, well, absolutely hard to resist, to say the least. For all we know, that’s exactly the reason why you’re reading these words. Needless to say, you won’t be disappointed once you reach the end margins of this text. In it, we’ll show you just about every little tip on how to use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to perfect your sales pitch.

What exactly is a sales pitch?

Before we continue, it might be good to consider the so-called basics first, and answer the following question: so, what’s a sales pitch anyway? Well, here’s the thing: usually, a sales pitch is a short presentation about the benefits of a certain product. It’s conducted by a salesperson whose task is to underline the value of the aforementioned product in under two minutes or so. It needs to be quick, yet substantial and true.¬†Of course, in an ideal scenario, the salesperson is able to convey the message in the fastest manner, never going over the proposed interval. However, we’re sometimes far from having the pleasure to enjoy ideal scenarios. Therefore, one must invest some time in practicing the craft.

7 steps to use CRM to perfect your sales pitch

If you’re wondering where to start learning, you couldn’t have picked out a better place than this article. Let’s see how you can use CRM software to perfect your sales pitch!

#1 Understand your audience

A person writing on a chalkboard with a black marker.
It’s very important you get to know your audience in order to perfect your sales pitch using CRM software.

There’s no need to underline the importance of knowing who you’re talking to. In other words, the better you know your target audience, the more successful your sales endeavors are going to be. So, how will a CRM help you in this field? There are two things that you’ll want to know:

  • CRM software will enable you to zero in on your most representative potential buyers. That way, you’ll be able to direct your sales pitch in the direction of the right folks.
  • CRM software will enable you to gain some valuable insight that you can utilize to better understand your prospects’ needs and desires. You’ll have an idea of what could be the right angle for your approach.

#2 Shorten your sales lifecycle

Keeping an eye on customer relationships and various sales opportunities is much easier with CRM software than without one. Also, you’ll be able to see the sales pipeline and modify your sales pitch so it adapts to the information you gain. CRM software provides a workflow for a good number of functions. We’re talking about field modifying, lead follow-up, and, of course, bringing in fresh leads. When combined, all of this will help your sales reps close deals in a faster manner. It will shorten the sales process.

#3 Target mobile device users

One of the most significant benefits of using CRM software for movers is that it comes with mobile access. It gives your sales team a chance to achieve their targets without much hassle, relying on remote connections that, by far, best match your operating strategies without, of course, reducing productivity.

#4 Connect with potential clients and customers by using various built-in engagement tools

A sign saying WE HEAR YOU.
It’s also very important to engage with your (potential) customers.

We’re all well aware that social commerce turned into a pretty important feature any marketing strategy needs to have. Any marketing strategy that dreams of being successful, that is. By communicating with prospects on social media platforms, your team will maintain trust with leads. Needless to say, that will greatly improve your sales pitch. All in all: CRM software will help your business boost income by leveraging formed customer relationships using various engagement tools.

If you’re interested in this whole engage-your-customers topic a bit more, read up on the benefits of using CRM email tracking for movers.

#5 Build case studies

Yup, CRM software allows you to create case studies, too. They’ll lend you some extra authority and help you show your potential buyers what’s that you’ve got to offer them. Anyway, you’ll employ the data you gain from CRM to spot your most successful clients, and communicate with them in the form of forward-driven marketing materials. Not to mention that you’ll also use CRM to figure out clients that belong to the same industry as your high-value prospects. That way, you’ll be able to come up with a so-called targeted case study.

#6 Make use of testimonials

In almost the same manner as coming up with case studies, your CRM software is able to assist you in pointing out your, well, happiest customers and clients. You’ll have a chance to look through your customer data to see exactly which of your customers is enjoying your services the most. Once you figure out who they are, reach out to them and figure out whether they’re interested in offering a customer testimonial.

Two people shaking hands.
See if you can ask your most trusty customers to give testimonials.

It’s no surprise that testimonials are an ideal addition to pitches since they’ll provide your business with some third-party credibility. It will come from someone who’s actually experienced your company’s services or products. In other words, it will sound truthful. However, you’ll still want to suggest your clients be as specific as possible when they’re offering a review quote. Have them comment on what makes your business stand out from the rest, what’s its most specific features, etc.

#7 Predict customer behavior

Last but not least, you can use CRM software to predict your customers’ purchasing habits. By utilizing AI and machine learning, you’ll be able to analyze your sales processes, have a constant eye on performance, and predict how your customers’ habits modify and shift over a period of time. Also, high-end analytics will enable you to focus your team’s efforts on opportunities that have the best chance of turning from leads into purchases, allocate resources in the most efficient of manners, and, of course, easily spot customer churn before it can have an impact on the company. For instance, if you’re coming from the relocation industry, employing some good old lead tracking software for moving company might be the best thing you’ve done so far.

Final words on the subject

Any good sales representative knows that finding an optimal sales pitch is rarely permanent. Audiences changes and so do markets. It’s important to be up-to-date and flexible in order to stay ahead. By using CRM to perfect your sales pitch, you have a stronger foundation on which to adapt your approach. The first step is to find the right CRM solution for your specific industry and needs. After that, it’s a matter of learning to use the feature of that software to your advantage. MoversTech CRM offers just that. Keep reading our blog for more interesting topics on how to better your performance with the help of tailored software!

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