When it comes to data management, most people are confused about what data enrichment means. While most know that it does help with data management and the overall functioning of the company, few can actually verbalize what it entails. So, in this article, we will try to cover it in adequate depth and hopefully give you a better idea of why having enriched data is valuable for your business.

The basics of data enrichment

The best way to think of data enrichment is that it is filling in the blanks. All data that you gather, be it declared or inferred, has some value. But, how valuable your data is going to be is based on how robust it is, and how much you can depend on it. Through data enrichment, you update the data you have with more info. By doing so, you enrich your data and improve its value manyfold. Do it right, and you will have a powerful database to call upon for marketing, sales, and customer management.

Data cleansing

While data cleansing can a part of data enrichment, it is by no means a synonym. What it entails is finding, altering, and deleting invalid data. When it comes to customer data, this process is of the utmost importance. This is because customer data is quite prone to change, which makes the data you have obsolete. And by processing obsolete data you make both your CRM system and your staff needlessly inefficient.

A person working on data enrichment.
Data enrichment isn’t always easy or straightforward.

Companies that rely on their customer data need to pay close attention to changes, and to possible mistakes that might creep up. This is why regular data cleansing is paramount, and why you need to ensure its thoroughness.

How your business can benefit from data enrichment

It is fair to mention that enriching your data is by no means easy. To outline which type of information is valuable you need to have experience in the industry. Furthermore, you need to invest in the right client relationship management software for movers and educate your staff if they are to work on enriching your data. So, is enriching your data really that important for a moving company? Well, let’s find out.

Improving data accuracy

Having accurate customer data is the cornerstone of every long-term marketing campaign. Through this data, you can outline your target demographic, personalize your content, and time it so it preseeds the customer needs. While most companies know that gathering customer data is important, few actually go through the trouble of making it accurate. This makes their marketing inefficient, and often far more costly than it needs to be. Not to mention that by not having accurate customer data you also don’t have a clear picture of your customer base. This makes dealing with them far more difficult for both your customer management and sales team.

Lead generation

A person looking at a laptop with intereset.
It is far easier to engage with your customers if you know what their interests are.

We’ve already explained why lead generation is paramount for a moving company. So, we won’t go into much depth here. Instead, let’s for the moment agree that lead generation is the lifeline of many moving companies. Especially if they base their marketing on their online presence. So, how can data enrichment help with lead generation? It’s simple.

By enriching your data you make every step of lead generation a whole lot easier. When it comes to finding new leads, you will be able to rely on your data to learn where to look. Once you do find a new potential market, you can more effectively use CRM email tracking for movers in order to engage your audience on a more personal level. Here you will also know which type of personalization is more suited for a particular crowd.

Improved segmentation

While we are on the subject of personalization, it is important to note that it is far easier to tackle if you have decent segmentation. Being able to segment your customers into comprehensible, well-defined groups in an efficient way is a dream for any moving company. Fortunately, this is precisely where data enrichment shines. Through it, you can outline what parameters segment your audience in effective ways. Then you can automize your CRM to segment your customers with ease and efficiency. By doing so you not only ensure that your current customers base is well segmented and ready for personalized marketing. But, you also enable future customers to easily fall into one of your categories and get the marketing content that they will be happy to engage with.

Customer management

A company representative talking with an elderly couple.
Dealing with customers is far easier if you know a thing or two about them.

Proper customer management is often underappreciated in the moving industry. Companies that manage to take good care of their customers usually get better ratings and higher praise. This makes them far more likely to be hired by future customers, as most rely on online reviews.

All things considered, it is well worth your time and money to invest in customer management. And the basis of customer management is being able to easily learn who you are dealing with. A good customer care software for movers will help you in this regard. But, it is necessary to feed it relevant customer data. The more enriched your data is, the more you will know about your customer. So, do yourself a favor and start investing now.

Final thoughts 

By now you should have a fairly decent idea of what data enrichment is and how it can benefit you. Know that the process itself will take some time. Especially if you have prior data to clean up and process. But, all things considered, you will be much better off in the long run if you invest in having valuable, robust data.

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