CRM envelopes the best guidelines, practices, and principles of customer management. It is a tool that helps with business organization, customer communication, and overall automation of various processes. The moving industry can benefit a lot from CRM technology, especially if it is integrated with other advanced systems, like IoT. Let’s talk a bit more about how IoT works, what the role of IoT in CRM software development is, and why you should use this winning combination to boost your moving business.

Internet of Things and its role in CRM

The IoT is a system of devices connected via the network. Every device has a unique identifier, and it can generate data without human interaction, storing it in a database. The components of IoT include:

  • Sensors(devices): This is your actual device that measures a specific parameter, like temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. These are just the most basic examples we can apply to everyday life, but the IoT devices support more complex measuring as well.
  • Network: IoT devices cannot work without being connected to the internet. All devices are connected to the Cloud, usually via mobile network, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Data processing software: data processing software is required because it stores and analyzes collected data.
  • End-user interface: Even though IoT works without human interaction, it does require a user to start the process. The user interface is the display that you use to send tasks to the IoT system, and program it.

Since we know that CRM requires data, combining it with IoT is a perfect match. IoT devices will collect information, and send it to the CRM system, where it will be analyzed and used for process improvement.

By combining these two systems, you get to enjoy a lot of benefits. For example, let’s take a look at lead tracking software for moving companies. By collecting data on your clients, you get a more efficient lead scoring system. As a result, the number of conversions goes up.

An illustration of a person holding a mobile phone with 5G network.
IoT can use various types of networks to establish connections.

An IoT device can also help improve customer and employee safety. You could have a device monitor moving truck condition, and report if there is a need for maintenance. If you rent a moving truck to your clients and notice the tire pressure is low, you can immediately let them know. This is a perfect example of how IoT can improve your business.

It is not only making business processes better, but it also improves customer experience and saves a lot of time and money. As a result, your employees will be more productive, and the company will generate more revenue.

How IoT helps move businesses

The moving industry offers many services, from packing to storing items and organizing various relocations. Implementing IoT devices will bring those services to the next level. When a customer hires packers, you can use IoT to measure the packing time, and the weight of the boxes in the truck. CRM for packers and movers then stores the readings from IoT devices and gives you a full picture. You can measure the time required to provide the packing services and improve the process if you notice that the packing takes more time than usual.

An illustration showing various smart devices that use IoT network.
Smart devices connect everyone, which makes the use of IoT in CRM more flexible.

Furthermore, if you are offering storage services, you can collect time signatures of every customer visit to their storage unit. This valuable data will help you to understand how and when your clients are using the storage. You can further use that data and create better storage deals for future clients.

How IoT and CRM affect marketing

Marketing is extremely important for every business. The moving industry heavily uses email marketing, and that’s why CRM email marketing for moving companies ranks so high on the list of necessary features.

When you send an email to your client, you need to know if they read it or not. You also need to know when the client reads emails, and if they take any action afterward.

These parameters are very important for improving email marketing. Feeding the data in the CRM system will give you a better overview of whether your clients read your emails or not. Wasting time on sending emails no one reads is a huge problem for your business.

Using IoT in CRM software development is the best way to obtain all of the important data.

The role of smart devices in the moving industry

All industries across the world use smart devices every day. When it comes to the moving industry, you will see a plethora of hand-held devices. We use them for digital signing in various forms. These devices also collect employee data, which helps with improving day-to-day processes.

Modern moving trucks also have smart devices implemented in the control panel. A fleet manager collects data through this system and makes sure that all vehicles are operational.

An illustration of a success growth chart.
With the joined help of IoT and CRM, your business will quickly grow.

Furthermore, we already mentioned an example of using IoT in a storage unit. Storages also use smart devices, both for customer access and security. There is wide use of smart devices in the moving industry, which only makes the IoT and CRM integration easier.

What the future holds for IoT in CRM software development?

The most important role of IoT in CRM software development is to collect and analyze information. Furthermore, it improves automation and gives more control over the business processes. With the help of IoT devices, it is easy to track the behavior of clients and note how they interact with advertising campaigns.

IoT also provides real-time situational awareness, that allows us to track the physical environment as well. With the help of sensor-driven analytics, the CRM system can actually assist employees by providing solutions to potentially problematic situations with customers.

In the field of automation, IoT can help create a perfect autonomous system designed to use collected data and run the business. The use of IoT in CRM software development opens many doors and creates endless possibilities.

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