It doesn’t matter whether you own a small or large business, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and email marketing are the most valuable tools in your company’s arsenal. However, once they’re integrated, they’ll provide you with various benefits we’ll gladly introduce you to today. Needless to mention, some companies still choose to use separate tools to handle their marketing endeavors. That’s right, you should completely avoid that. That’s because that kind of business behavior will most probably lead to a great decrease in productivity, lead generation, and so on. All of these issues you’ll easily handle by integrating CRM and email marketing tools. Anyway, keep on reading to find out what are some of the benefits of integrated email marketing!

What is integrated email marketing?

A person holding a mobile phone above a laptop.
By integrating various email marketing tools with CRM, you’ll get to create more relevant and personalized emails.

Before we continue our little talk about the benefits of integrated email marketing, it’s better if we first define the main subject of today’s article. So, what is integrated email marketing? It represents the process of putting together/combining various email marketing tools in order to come up with a strong marketing strategy. As you’re probably well aware, email marketing allows you to send emails to customers and contacts for a certain purpose. By integrating CRM and email marketing tools, for instance, you’ll get to create more relevant and personalized emails.

Speaking of CRM, are you wondering where to find top-quality client relationship management software for movers? That’s right, follow that link. Now that we’ve got that one out of the way, let’s see those benefits!

#1 A comprehensive approach to each customer relationship

Here’s the thing: CRM and email marketing tools share the same dream: to create a stronger bond your company has with prospects and customers. They make this dream a reality by enhancing your relationship with the mentioned groups. However, it would be best if you kept this in mind: both CRM and email marketing tools handle different types of customer interactions. Also, these interactions happen at different stages in the so-called sales cycle. Now, if they’re not integrated, you’ll have some issues to deal with. For instance, you’ll have a hard time knowing which interactions have already been handled by another one of your colleagues. This might eventually lead to a lost sale.

Now, by integrating email marketing and CRM, you’ll get to see real-time feedback and results from your campaigns. How’s that possible? Well, you’ll just need to check customer records for some good old insight into your customers’ behavior patterns. That’s enabled by the fact that sales and marketing interactions are traced in one place. All in all: total customer activity is tracked by the software and there’s a lot you can do with that kind of info.

#2 Integrated email marketing boosts your sales

A performance chart.
By using integrated email marketing, you’ll greatly boost your sales.

There’s no doubt that integrated email marketing will have a positive effect on your sales. Email marketing tools are quite known for being pretty efficient in nurturing your leads before they’re turned into sales leads. These platforms are fantastic when it comes to sending emails to your customers in accordance with the so-called buyer’s journey. However, keep in mind that these tools help you send emails to segmented lists and not individuals. Anyway, with email marketing, you’re able to send your potential prospects certain educational material, videos, newsletters, and so on, in order to nurture your leads. Speaking of leads, here’s some info about leads management for movers.

On the other side, your CRM software will keep a database for each lead (or an existing customer) and the actions they’ve performed. With these metrics, you’ll get to track what content your potential customers have interacted with, click-through rates, and lots of other useful info. Therefore, once you integrate your email marketing tools with CRM, the chances of you closing deals enlarge.

#3 You’ll save plenty of time

We’ll be quick in this one. Here’s the thing: with integrated CRM email marketing for movers (if you’re coming from that industry) you’ll save a lot of time. That’s because you’ll do away with the need to manually upload user data & info. Needless to mention, this will additionally increase your productivity since you’ll dedicate the time you’ve freed up with integrated email marketing to something else. This, of course, stands for non-moving companies, too.

#4 Enhanced convenience and visibility

A person looking at a perfomance report on a tablet.
With the combo of CRM and email marketing software, you’ll enjoy centralized, comprehensive, and accurate performance reports about your stakeholders and departments.

You’ll be happy to know that integrating your CRM and email marketing is one of the most affordable ways to:

  • streamline your workday. 
  • reduce management burden. 
  • lower learning hurdles. 

In comparison to managing multiple, costly, and difficult software products, integrating your CRM and email marketing tools seems like a gift from above. Additionally, this integration will enable you to efficiently inspect results and measure your company’s performance in order to enhance your interior processes, sales, and marketing strategies. 

Also, keep in mind that integrating CRM with email marketing tools will allow you to note the success and failures of each stakeholder and department. You’ll get centralized, comprehensive, and pretty accurate performance reports.

#5 ROI (Return On Investment) monitoring

For our last addition to the list of integrated email marketing benefits, we’ve chosen to talk about ROI monitoring. That’s right, the email integration will monitor the ROI of each of your campaigns. Needless to say, these metrics will then identify your overall ROI of a certain email campaign. That way, you’ll know which one of the campaigns you’ll have to abort. All in all: you’ll get to know what are your consumers’ priorities. You’ll have the necessary data to develop upcoming campaigns.

Final thoughts on the matter

Alright, folks, there you have it. These were some of the benefits of integrated email marketing. Of course, we couldn’t have counted them all since the margins of this article won’t allow us. However, we’d say that this is more than enough to satisfy even the most skeptical of folks. Anyway, by integrating your CRM and email marketing tools, you’ll get to enjoy all the advantages of automatized, personalized, time-saving email campaigns. Once you see the results, you’ll have no option but to agree with us!

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