For your email marketing to work, there are two things you need to ensure. First, you need to find emails of people that are likely to turn into your customers. And second, you need to send emails that they will actually want to read. While company managers often focus on the former through the use of moving leads software, few actually take the time to address the latter. For this article, we will explore what improving email deliverability is all about.

Email deliverability explained

In simplest terms, email deliverability entails the rate at which people open your emails. The more deliverable your emails are, the more likely it is that your users will open them. As you probably assume, this is reliant on multiple factors. And addressing each factor with due care is the only way to ensure that your emails actually reach your target audience.

Improving email deliverability

The process of improving email deliverability is often continual. This means that you cannot hope that you will tackle it once, and be done with it. Instead, know that certain aspects will require your ongoing attention as they are reliant on ongoing email trends. The more closely your can align your brand with those trends, the better your email deliverability will be.

IP reputation

A person sending numerous emails through their phone.
Gradually build up your IP reputation so that you can send as many emails as needed.

There are multiple online systems that determine the credibility of your IP address. If it is poor, you’ll have little chance of delivering your emails to your target audience, as they might automatically get sent to spam. As such, it is usually a good idea to gradually build your IP reputation. Start with small email batches and see how people react. As time goes on, ISP will start to consider your IP as credible, which gives you the option to increase the number of emails.

Update your list

The idea behind using CRM with email automation is reliant on having a healthy email list. While you do not have to manually send emails, you do need to actively update your list and see that there aren’t any dead emails still on it. Emails that have opted out of your emails, or are simply inactive, shouldn’t remain on your list. By having them on you are wasting recourses, reducing your IP reputation, and failing to have reliable marketing data for analytics. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you update your email list as regularly as possible.

Opt-in process

Emails floating in front of inbox screen.
Opt-in confirmation can be surprisingly useful in ensuring a healthy email list.

The opt-in process is when people give you their email address in order to get emails from you. While this may seem like enough, we would encourage your to use the two-stage opt-in process. Namely, if all a person has to do is to provide you with an email, it is surprisingly easy for competitors to attack you. They can supply a list of emails that aren’t interested in your content, which will hurt your deliverability rate. So, do yourself a favor, and introduce a second stage. Once a person enters their email, send a confirmation note to it. If they confirm, they end up on your list. By doing so, you will have a much healthier email list to work with.

Opt-out process

Opt-out is when people decide that they no longer want to receive emails from you. While you might feel inclined to keep as many emails as possible on your list, you really need to make the opt-out process as easy as possible. The last thing you want is that putting your email in spam is easier than opting out. As that is precisely what your audience will do. And if they do, you will slowly start to lose that hard-earned IP reputation.

Proper subject lines

What subject lines are effective for email deliverability depends on three factors. Firstly, you need to consider what your brand is about. Secondly, you need to consider to whom you are sending your emails. And thirdly, you need to consider the ongoing trends in email marketing. With proper CRM email marketing for movers, you can learn all the important info about your customers. But, you still need to keep your brand in mind and keep up with ongoing trends. The subject line will often determine whether or not your customers will even open your email. So, take great care in writing an eye-catching subject line that is in line with your brand.

Create emails worth reading

Image of finger on laptop touchpad with email icons.
A big step in improving email deliverability is to understand which content types are available.

It is a common misconception that you only have to put written content in your emails. While written content is by far the easiest to create, you should also explore more visually rich content. Images, web stories, animations, short videos… You can use all of these within your email campaign. And you’d be surprised how much more effective they are in capturing the viewer’s attention than written content. Once you establish a conversation with your viewers you can solely rely on written content. But, if you are trying to engage someone for the first time in hopes that they will become a customer, consider other content types.

Final thoughts

Email marketing can be quite effective for a growing moving company. Through it, you can effectively engage your target audience, and see that they are well informed about your brand and your moving services. But, while emails can be effective, you shouldn’t solely rely on them for your marketing. Social media, SEO management, blog posting, etc. These are all viable options that connect well with emails.

You can use MoversTech CRM software to understand your customer base and identify the marketing strategy that stands to be the most effective. So, do yourself a favor and explore all the available marketing options and outline ways in which they connect to your email marketing efforts.

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